Returning from Mexico

MX yellow bird

Last week I listened to the music
of tropical birds
wind through jungle foliage
splashing surf
and a mariachi band

Back home I listen to the music
of purring cats
humming from the furnace
crunching snow
and a Spotify collection

Travel broadens the mind
Returning deepens appreciation for home

winter at Firefighters park

Top photo taken in Riviera Maya, bottom photo taken of a lake near my home.

15 thoughts on “Returning from Mexico

  1. Travel’s a great catalyst to wake up the senses … but honestly the best part of any trip is being back home, for a few days the senses still firing away a mix of recall and presence. Your sounds and weather differences beautifully depict this! Great images.

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    1. When we left MI, it was in the 50s, then in Mexico it was in the mid 80s. It was quite a shock to come home to weather in the teens. The snow was beautiful though and it was good to be home. Thanks for your comment, Jazz. I always love how you word your comments. 🙂

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