Returning from Mexico

Last week I listened to the music of tropical birds wind through jungle foliage splashing surf and a mariachi band Back home I listen to the music of purring cats humming from the furnace crunching snow and a Spotify collection Travel broadens the mind Returning deepens appreciation for home Top photo taken in Riviera Maya, … More Returning from Mexico


Be open to life Like the iris uncurling praise to both sunshine and rain Be open to life Like tender seedlings nursed by decaying trees Be open to life Like a new story revealed in book read before Be open to life Like a wave cresting toward shore then receding back to its destiny Pencil … More Reception


Layers of canyon below my feet Embraced by dark skies raining stars Me at the heart of a dichotomy of splendor Hugging the arm of my lover   Image by Pixabay

Late Spring Dawning

The sky’s grey blanket thins but the shadows under elms are dark and shifting Soon my countenance will greet the sun’s brute cheerful honesty opening like daylily blooms ablaze But for now I stay enveloped in the gentle muted mystery lingering with the quiet primrose night

Paradigm Shift

They say it’s a solid but snowflakes melt in our hands They say it’s abstract but hope embodies a face we can see If gravity is really an immutable law, then how do ideas rain up toward creative connections? Let’s not be too clever to never unlearn knowledge currently grounded as fact. Dream Copernican spheres … More Paradigm Shift

Slip Into Silence

I slip into silence like my old purple house shoes to relax in comfort inside, alone or maybe with just my best friend or lover eluding a boisterous world. I slip into silence to hear the internal like breathing and heartbeats and wind at the window but if sequestered in silence too long the wellspring … More Slip Into Silence

2-2 Haiku

  Ground Hog Day again! Go forth bereft of hope or bask in winter’s hearths?   OK, I admit it. I watch Bill Murray’s Ground Hog Day every February 2. Its classic theme of appreciating the now resonates with me. This haiku was inspired by one of the scenes in the movie where Phil begins to … More 2-2 Haiku

Good Fortune

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ~ Lao-tzu There’s a story of a Chinese farmer and one day his horse ran away. His neighbors all came to say, “What bad fortune for losing your horse.” The farmer replied, … More Good Fortune

Yin Yangle

Question: What do you get when a zentangle studies Taoism? Answer: a yin yangle I have been playing with zentangles for a few months and while most of my tangles are the traditional rectangular shape, I decided to do one in the shape of a yin-yang symbol. This shape has always fascinated me because it … More Yin Yangle