Solstice Puente

fires can listen tomusicfalls of silence ~ on the longest night ~ futures freeze brieflyas promises awaken This poem was originally posted 12/21/2020 but not in puente form.

Go Back Home, Jack

Recently we took in a cat, Jack, from a friend who became too ill to care for him. With two well established cats in the house, Chloe and Star, the inclusion of this much younger cat took some adjustments. This poem is written in the rhythm (somewhat) of the Ray Charles tune, Hit the Road, … More Go Back Home, Jack



A shotwill it takeso I can be anold woman wearinga golden shirtdancing to songssung in a languageI don’t understand I got my second vaccine today. Woo Hoo! Top image from CDC courtesy of Unsplash. Lower image from a YouTube video by Playing for Change of the song, Chan Chan.

Life’s Tempo

Music of our livesmoves within our daysWhat tempo should we use to fillthe cadence of our time? A rapper’s furious beat?A full measure of whole notes?A fluid change in a trilling scale?A soothing lullaby? Key each note with careposition rests where neededCompose your tempo mindfullyfor your own delight Graphics courtesy of Pixabay, top and lower

Tuning Up

When the mind is filled with ruckus from opposing points of view give voices time for tuning up into harmonic unity   Let timpani and horns parley with violins and flutes tuning up til they create a symphony of peace   Photo courtesy of Pixabay First published February 25, 2018  

Sweet Baby James

My teen days sangto the melancholy balladsof James Tayloras I climbed my way to adulthood Being a teen was a mixtureof fire and rain,young adulthood came on likesteamroller bluesthen parenthood, (how sweet it is)mixed with career andmore fire and rain The challenge of growing upwas to find the right hand-holdsecure a solid toe-holdto scale the … More Sweet Baby James

Returning from Mexico

Last week I listened to the music of tropical birds wind through jungle foliage splashing surf and a mariachi band Back home I listen to the music of purring cats humming from the furnace crunching snow and a Spotify collection Travel broadens the mind Returning deepens appreciation for home Top photo taken in Riviera Maya, … More Returning from Mexico


Water tumbles over stones as the silver creek flows – nature’s gurgling music Life tumbles over troubles as wavering times arise – growth’s raspy music   Photo taken at Lloyd Stage Nature Center, Troy, MI


Endarkening The bitter cold creeps in for winter like a whole note in D minor drawn across the strings of a cello Night engulfs daylight offering peaceful quiet as stars prick the deep indigo sky When settled into darkness a comforter of calm covers me I yearn to pull within myself slumber my spirit for … More Endarkening

Sweet Chariot

To my dad, the traveling salesman Swing low, sweet chariot Roll down the windows for the wind Swing low, sweet chariot Done my sales and drivin’ on in I look over Jordon and what do I see? Crossing or’ the Cumberland bridge A sweet pretty angel, my lovely GeeGee Calling me to our sweet home … More Sweet Chariot