Let Me In, Let Me In

The yellow lab trumpets his request “Let me in, let me in,” until the red door opens where he comes in from the cold into warmth Loving kindness whispers her request “Let me in, let me in” until my heart opens and she transforms my apathy into concern The photo captures the dog across the … More Let Me In, Let Me In


Sometimes a question whispers in my ear Sometimes a question shouts in my face How do I assay my purpose In this beautiful, brutal, finite life? Is it a striving to be seen? A craving to be astonished? Can I be buoyed by hope beyond a ritual answer? Then a tiny azure dragonfly alights deepening … More Dragonfly

Pancakes for Supper

Mom prepared a healthy meal for us each night and morning, too, for that matter even though she worked outside the house unlike the moms of my friends who stayed home and ironed, drinking Coke-a-Cola while watching As the World Turns But every once in a while when Daddy was out of town on business … More Pancakes for Supper

Whitened Wings

Every day the elderly man across the street drags a large bag of feed to his back yard by the creek As he spreads the feed, geese honk their excitement, wings opened, eager for this easy meal Today, their raised wings reflect the deep snow below their feet; costumed with these whitened wings, they look … More Whitened Wings

Olympic Star

Once upon a time we had a little kitten who came to us at Christmas so we named her Star When we watched the winter Olympics little Star was fascinated by figure skaters on TV she became our Olympic Star “Is this how you bow?” Star asks. Stars agrees with the score.   Conjure