Layers of canyon below my feet Embraced by dark skies raining stars Me at the heart of a dichotomy of splendor Hugging the arm of my lover   Image by Pixabay

Unexpected Visitors

Three flying saucers hovered in front of the big pine outside the porch. “Come see,” he called. “Stand here.” I did and in embrace, both of us looking outward, three disks of light quivered beyond the glass door, shifting a bit as we turned our heads, fluttering with each shiver of wind. It mattered not to us … More Unexpected Visitors

Ready for Some Sun

I was ready for a miracle and then here comes the rain I was ready for a miracle but the rains kept coming down I was ready for a miracle when the rains turned into floods Think we’re gonna need a miracle or else we’re gonna drown This short poem was inspired by the gospel … More Ready for Some Sun

2-2 Haiku, Again

Groundhog Day again! Go forth bereft of hope or bask in winter’s hearths? OK, all you woodchuck chuckers, it’s Groundhog Dag again. In the tradition of the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, I am reposting from last year’s 2-2 Haiku post. This haiku was inspired by one of the scenes in the movie  (:40) where Phil begins … More 2-2 Haiku, Again

Spiritual Maintenance

When my day feels a little off-kilter That’s the time to practice quiet Empty all mind chatter Turn off the news Focus on the silence   When executive orders are not vetted When helplessness floods my fears My practice of meditation Is critical for my heart To discern fruitful paths forward   Let my practice … More Spiritual Maintenance


A feeling of peace and joy That is deeper than excitement I tenderly hold in both hands Like a butterfly of contentment   This short verse is inspired by the third  stanza of Longfellow’s poem, Day Is Done. I memorized that stanza almost four decades ago and it has stayed with me all this time. … More Serenity

Eternal Breath

I lift my face to face the breeze this same air connecting me with all life now and ever before and even life that will come to be for that matter A rhythmic gift of giving and taking as the breeze sings through my hair or lifts the butterfly wings All of this is eternal … More Eternal Breath

Fire Haiku

Light illuminates consuming all energy until it births dark   Another poem inspired by the winter solstice.   Image by Pixabay

Solstice Souls

In the dark familiar things become unrecognizable while what usually goes unnoticed becomes obvious, essential like snuggling in the dark when touch of skin, scent of affection, become your sensory guides In the quiet darkness calls to whispers if words are ever shared Darkness snuggles with the quiet, through shadows of long nights touching her … More Solstice Souls


I touched his arm he held my hand for a brief moment “I love you” “I love you” I rolled out of bed to start my day loved   Image by Pexals