One More Time

ONE MORE TIME by Mark Nepo When willful, we think that truth moves from our head to our heart to our hands. But bent by life, it becomes clear that love moves the other way: from our hands to our heart to our head. Ask the burn survivor with no hands who dreams of chopping … More One More Time


Silent sprites of nature’s healing weave magic mending of my broken bones as I sleep   Dear readers: On my way to my morning walk in the park last week, I stumbled on an uneven sidewalk slab and broke both my wrists. I suspect I will be slow in both posting and reading posts of … More Sprites

Literature Only

In my seat-back on an airplane I find a pocket labeled – Literature Only – Yet all I find inside the pocket is an Entertainment Guide and a Beverage Menu folder That doesn’t look like literature to me If I were tasked with filling such a pocket I would stock it with the likes of … More Literature Only

For the Time Being

For the time being practice being time live the moment you find you’re in as thoroughly as possible You might be in a mundane Monday unclogging the kitchen sink that’s a good time to practice embracing unpleasant moments And if you feel you’re wasting time in a queue at the DMV notice the moment’s usefulness … More For the Time Being


When I look into the night sky can I see the moon beyond gibbous or crescent, beyond waxing or waning? Can I savor a micro new moon as much as a lunar eclipse or the strawberry moon of June? Can I view the experience beyond expectations and labels as the unique manifestation that it is? … More Moonscape

No Time

I don’t have time I only have this moment as each moment is a when through which time flows I can’t save time I only have this moment as each moment dissipates as it arises I can’t waste time I only have this moment as each moment comes regardless of my actions I have no … More No Time