Retreat that shelters Self from enterprise buzz,offers spacefor noting nature,bird languages,shadowdances,cottonwood seed-snows,a nestfor observing change,subtle change,every day more change Resources abound,dharma,poetry,scribbles on scattered paper,commonplace book,Tao te Chingscreen window,flitting swallowtail,sleeping cat purr,ceiling fan whir,all partof the alterof calm I come hereagain and again,to refresh my Self,to ground my Self,relieve my egofrom the sufferingI generateby wanting What … More Sanctuary


Just Enough

Ten minutes before sunrise on a cloudless morning a silver car drives south on my quiet street, before I can sip my coffee, it drives by again going north this time, a ritual I’ve noticed for several days as the sun now rises around 6 AM Later I spot a large doe in the yard munchingon leaves of full … More Just Enough

Shackled Annals of History

Education is not aboutshackling the scope of topics exploredor imposing political slants on course contentor limiting textbooks and college majorsIt’s not about ignoringmajor authentic eventsin history class curricula Education is not about silencing debate,erasing our grievous moments –slavery, segregation, lynchingIt does not ignore lessons of the pastno one should want to repeat in the future … More Shackled Annals of History

Motley Meditation

It’s a whirligig meditation morning,helicopter seeds playfully spinning to earthseeking fertile ground like my thoughts Birds punctuate the quiet with theirtweets and twitters,  each distinct for their familyA cottonwood puff floats by  On a stepping stone near my feeta Monarch basks her zentangle wingsin the sun before taking flightlike my thoughts in meditation Top photo by Joshua … More Motley Meditation


I recommend living countless livesduring myriad Nows from birth to gravecreating new worlds moment by momentby choosing what you notice Your world becomes the azure skydotted with clouds that morph and stirfilled with birdsong symphoniesthen focuses on the scent of hawthorneas you notice the bumblebee’s flight You play these roles through attention transitions,new life with … More Palimpsest

T’ween Time

Sometimes I have creative languor like a teenager on summer breakwanting to rebel against the writing process,fledge and fly from my artist urgings,lose my thoughts in lazy daydreams Why? Because sometimes I need an artist Sabbathsuch respite is just the elixir requiredto refresh artistic entreaties; a way to rouse my creative spirit,to awaken my bottomless heart Poem … More T’ween Time

Mother’s Day Card

Mothers are hands that cook and drive carpools,brush out tangles and sooth fevered brows,  that do laundry, shell peas, and sometimes sew clothes;hands that yours will resemble when grown Mothers are feet that walk you to school,to the downtown bus stop, through the marketShe walks to the corner to call you for dinner,to your room … More Mother’s Day Card


I ask When do I begin? When is it time to stop? When will we slow climate change? When will there be peace? Yet, When implies a future I should live here Now In the Now I can’t predictif a third world war may come or if climate change will annihilate the planet or if … More When