Little Squirrel

My yard is filled with squirrels, some red, some grey, some black some fluffy, some thin some bold enough to visit my porch but one little squirrel out in the yard I recognize by his size I thought at first he was still a youngster so small compared to others but he’s stayed small since … More Little Squirrel


I bow to you in greeting a quiet pause to honor of our shared presence I bow to my self as well a quiet pause to affirm my place in this world I bow to all in the universe a quiet pause to rejoice in the web of life Namaste   Graphic courtesy of How … More Namaste


It’s afternoon and still in flannel pajamas I watch squirrels jump from bare branch to bare branch keeping the chill at bay The cat snuggles on my thick-socked feet purring her naptime dreams, leftovers simmer in a soup downstairs, furnace hums in the basement Dormant gardens, brown grass, grey skies, icy streets – A perfect … More January

Silent Night

“Isn’t it just beautiful?” she asked the peaceful angel with fiber optic wings as they gazed out the window Gazed in the direction of a waning gibbous moon in a cloudless sky, bright against cold darkness The angel offered no response remained in her still silence meditating on the present of this passing moment   … More Silent Night

Cupcakes in a Jam

She was already late. Some wreck on the highway had cars piled up for miles. Leslie was driving Amy to the airport for no reason other than she didn’t know how to say no to her friend’s request. Amy’s third grader fidgeted in the back seat as they sat at a standstill in traffic. Silence … More Cupcakes in a Jam


Crisp icy air germinates dark stillness as snow covered earth coalesces with moonlit heavens   This year’s solstice will be accompanied by an almost full moon, sometimes called a cold moon and a meteor shower. Hoping for clear skies.


I’ve always considered daydreaming as a springboard for creativity, however, this morning I read that daydreams actually remove us from the present moment. I can see this truth. As the coffee maker sputters I wait by the window a while, lapse into a silent conversation inside my head, then wonder if these internal dialogs are … More Counseling

Life Sentence

If I wrote the story of my life, I would want it to be a series of long sentences, strung together with poignant transitions that smoothly connect one phase of my life story to another; not filled with short sentences that end abruptly with a period, or worse yet, an exclamation point! I would want … More Life Sentence