Sweet Chariot

To my dad, the traveling salesman Swing low, sweet chariot Roll down the windows for the wind Swing low, sweet chariot Done my sales and drivin’ on in I look over Jordon and what do I see? Crossing or’ the Cumberland bridge A sweet pretty angel, my lovely GeeGee Calling me to our sweet home … More Sweet Chariot

Karma Dharma

My former Self left me a gift of the karma from previous actions I took some gifts delight me now if I notice others I’d rather just keep in the box If I’m heir to karma from my former Self does my current Self, through my actions today, bequeath new gifts to my future Self, … More Karma Dharma

Elizabeth Called

My phone buzzed at 9:30 Elizabeth asked if the writers’ group would be meeting tomorrow since it was a holiday We then chatted about honey and allergies, about the Royal Oak Farmers Market I told her about my recent vacation where I dipped into hot springs of mineral water healing She told me her gardening … More Elizabeth Called

Queen Anne’s Lace

Call me Queen Anne’s lace, wildflower of convention thriving outside tidy gardens Call me Bitter Root supporting lacy blooms nourishing but also pungent Call me Ephemeral my daintiness short lived till curling up inside myself Call me Tenacity I’ll bloom again once more Rid yourself of me? Not a chance   Top photo from my … More Queen Anne’s Lace


Unlike the acorn that just plops to the ground the maple bursts of whirlygigs, usually in conjoined pairs, twirl to the ground like Sufi dancers when released from their high branches As a child I used to pick up these seeds that fell on unfertile asphalt and throw them up as high as I could … More Whirlygigs


Splash wonder on a rising joy to soar beyond the commonplace   Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Center of the Universe

Since the universe is infinite the center of my universe is always where I am Isn’t that cool? Come on over here, dear friend                              you’re a little off center   Photo by Greg Rakozy courtesy of Unsplash