Full [tanka]

Disk of luminance autumn’s harvest moon delight Wisps of onyx clouds float across her large round face, fleeting veils lace through moonbeams Photo taken by David Holder in SE Michigan on 10/05/2017 Exceptional

Street Corner Thoughts

I’m standing at a corner, waiting to cross the street, watching cars of all makes and shapes, some coming toward me, some going past, some turning corners, some changing lanes. I never consider stopping a driver to discuss where she is going. Yet, do I not do that with worried thoughts letting them pile up … More Street Corner Thoughts

Sunset Reflection

It is on fire, the sky. We see it as we walk from under the trees, a flame surrounded by wisps of steel grey. Sunset falls into the lake, the reflection as vibrant as the sky above with an added dimension of gently rippling on the surface of water, another place for the blaze to … More Sunset Reflection

Remembering Memories

Each time a memory’s remembrance is recalled, affected by new memories, it’s changed   This month in a writer’s group, we are working with different poetic forms. This week we are exploring the Cinquain. This poem is an example of this form. Graphic by Pixabay.

What If?

What if a culture promoted respect for all people where there were no “others” only sisters and brothers? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted a kindness where the norm was to pause before speaking one’s mind and listen to differing views? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted peace with active intent to move … More What If?


Some people might call it tinnitus this humming in my ears but for me it is a reminder of blood pumping through my veins a cue to pause and feel my breath to be grateful for the gift of this moment to be alive It’s a way to hear my aura   Note: Tinnitus can … More Hummmm

Garden of Words

Hibiscus is a tasty word; it rolls around in my mouth like chrysanthemum, mimosa and sweet, sweet alyssum I always sing forsythia and toe-tap honeysuckle; wisteria leaves me wistful; oleander makes me smile Forget-me-nots jog memories and I just love bleeding hearts; periwinkle is so playful in the garden of words that I love Do … More Garden of Words