If I write out a list of things to accomplish today I will not write that I need to get milk, or weed the garden or finish the laundry I will not include mopping the floors or even editing a poem for those chores are ongoing and can never be marked off a list  So … More Aspiration

For Pam

For years on my birthday a package arrived, Two or three heirloom iris bulbs selected After pouring over catalogs during summer When I’d visit my gardening friend An autumn birthday is a perfect time For planting bulbs for summer An exercise in patience For both me and the bulbs Just as lilac purple is spent … More For Pam


I am captivated by the creative aspects of shadows. Please enjoy this delicate poem from my WP friend, S. Thomas Summers. See the full post at Ornithology  to view the delightful photo that inspired this poem.  Ornithology The mourning dove insulates her nest with the shadows fairies cast, a darkness that softens earth and, when carefully … More Ornithology


Be open to life Like the iris uncurling praise to both sunshine and rain Be open to life Like tender seedlings nursed by decaying trees Be open to life Like a new story revealed in book read before Be open to life Like a wave cresting toward shore then receding back to its destiny Pencil … More Reception


As Dogen said, to attain the Way is merely ‘to put one’s head through a gate.’ There is a path beyond the door.  It must be stepped through.  ~  Henry Shukman Before I can walk my path, the path unique to me I must leave the safety of going around in circles Inside the fence … More Venture


I saw the shadow heard the caw from high above among branches bare but for buds did not see his wings a-flight just his fleeting crow-presence   Graphic is an original colored pencil drawing by LuAnne Holder.

Shape Shifters

Shape shifters, clouds are Not with intent like the shaman Metamorphosing into a wolf But transforming into random contours Merging, thinning, fragmenting At the whim of the wind I am a shape shifter as well Shifting from lazy content to focused endeavor From cluttered mind to quiet connection Giving to and receiving from The shape-shifting … More Shape Shifters

Spring [haiku]

on tender branches buds, tiny teardrops of blood ripe with latent fronds This haiku was inspired by a budding tree I encountered on a walk in the park. Special thanks to Michael Richards at A Center Line for encouraging me to push beyond my boundaries and use my own artwork to illustrate my posts. Enjoy his … More Spring [haiku]