Yin Yang 2022

I was too little as a childnow too big as an adulthot flashes make me sweatsweat makes me shiver I have days of busynessrunning errands, doing choresbut some days I just sit and thinkwindow gaze and write I do art, compose some poemswhen inspiration visitsbut when the muse vacationspaints and pen stay idol I should … More Yin Yang 2022

Autumn Equinox Puente

Enjoy bare feet in dewy morning grass, look for hummingbirds and turtles on a log savor juicy melons and sweet strawberries watch late sunsets while lying in the hammock ~ until you pause and reflect ~  that soon bare feet will chill on morning floors maples will take on a fiery hue you’ll don a … More Autumn Equinox Puente

What You Will Grieve

You will grieve suicide, murder, and other tragic events You will grieve nothings, and wrongs, and even being a survivor You will grieve confusion, and stages that you will go through, anger, and time when you need to begin again You will grieve work, your incomplete past, doom, and the future You will grieve recovery … More What You Will Grieve

From Phil

I left you when red cherries no longer were in seasonI left you when frost began to ice the dawnI left you when nighttime reached further into daytimeI left you as late summer braced with chillI left you before the harvest moon when autumn colors splashI left you before I could say goodbye So, rememberwhen … More From Phil

Perfect Imperfection

I make imperfect marks in my lived experienceyet I must align myself tolived experience as it actually is,not how I desire it to be my foibles don’t define meany more than my successes,as I am incomplete without themboth,this is my perfect imperfection I muster compassion for myself and othersas we all live this incomplete perfectionI’ll … More Perfect Imperfection

Open the Window

I meant to do it yesterday but got too busy to hear the blue jay squawk and find him in the oak too busy to feel wind’s eye on my face, to follow the swallowtail flight, to watch a salmon sunrise But I took the time this morning and that has made all the difference … More Open the Window

Time Travel: Mom at 45 talking to her now 66-year-old daughter

Put cheese on that burger, it adds nutritional value, Mom had told her back in 1967     Well, I do believe everything is connected, daughter thinks 53 years later   Like watermelon and salt     We each have a unique perspective and truth  No, some things are just truth, like divorce is not moral     Except if you … More Time Travel: Mom at 45 talking to her now 66-year-old daughter

Bye Bye, July

July, your brown grass crunches beneath my bare feet monarchs enjoy your butterfly bush bats make evening visits July, your asparagus makes a great lunch lemon water is my beverage of choice a meal of fresh fruit can be my supper ‘cause it’s too hot to cook very much July, gone are your lilies and … More Bye Bye, July