Staying In

A yin snow during A yang pandemic Not venturing out this March morning Except through imagination Photo taken this morning in Troy, MI.  


Sunlight comes through the box bay at a low slant white washing two waxy leaves of a peace lily Two sheets and two blankets folded pick up rays of the last lingering light before illuminating an oval of scrimshaw in the spotlight The horizon will marble peach, steel grey and coral soon but for now … More Quarantine

Hand-washing Meditation

Splash cool water on fingers and wrists turn off the tap, lather up bubbles, bubbles enjoy the bubbles foamy between your knuckles Sing two rounds of Row Your Boat merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily rinse with splash of gratitude for access to clean water   See the companion piece on hands and the pandemic at Facing the … More Hand-washing Meditation

Facing the Itch

Coronavirus pandemic times require that we notice our hands with intent keeping hands away from the face The challenge now is what to do if you have an itch on your nose? or a drop of tear in your eye? Times now challenge us to just let the itch sit for a while notice the … More Facing the Itch

Tuning Up

When the mind is filled with ruckus from opposing points of view give voices time for tuning up into harmonic unity   Let timpani and horns parley with violins and flutes tuning up til they create a symphony of peace   Photo courtesy of Pixabay First published February 25, 2018  

After The Overstory

Close back cover sigh Characters loved disappear like forests clear-cut for fortunes Missing fictional friends I knew, lived with for a month   The Overstory: A Novel Photo courtesy of Amason

If You Were God…

An email message titled “If you were God what universe would you create?” arrived in my inbox today The question made me smile I am a god and I do create my universe Everyone is a god in my opinion creating a unique universe How could it be otherwise? Each have unique backgrounds Each have … More If You Were God…

Winter Morning

filtered water fills the cup going up an octave as it reaches the brim coffee maker sputters syncopation to the wind chime song beside the window peppers sizzle in a pan avocado slices frame the plate whipped egg with spices waits for its turn in the skillet snow has fallen during the night porch needs … More Winter Morning

Dolly Lama

Finally, she gets to go barefoot sit on the floor in a lotus position Finally, she breaks from busyness prompts if you touch her moon necklace Curvy body is posable now flowing thick hair remains Breathe with Me Barbie™ guides meditations with eyes wide open   Read more about Breathe with Me Barbie in the … More Dolly Lama

Sweet Baby James

My teen days sang to the melancholy ballads of James Taylor as I climbed my way to adulthood Being a teen was a mixture of fire and rain, young adulthood came on like steamroller blues then parenthood, (how sweet it is) mixed with career and more fire and rain The challenge of growing up was … More Sweet Baby James