Post Card from Spring

Her official arrival time here in Michigan, USA is 5:58 PM today, 03-20-2019. The last supermoon of the year will rise soon after (7:26 PM). The post card front is from the Secret Garden coloring postcards by Johanna Basford that I filled in with colored pencils. The collage was assembled in PowerPoint. Advertisements

Fire Alarm

So many things are cooking at once – the draft of a poem a half-written letter a sketch for a painting a new app to learn Right now, they’re half-baked so I’ll turn up the heat let all but one simmer on a back burner and hope that my home doesn’t burn down   Is … More Fire Alarm


The smile, a simple gesture, is a single tone in a melody that moves the universe toward harmony The graphic above is a collage made from photos by the following photographers, clockwise starting at lower left: Frank Busch, Capturing the human heart, Gabriel Silverio, Eye for Ebony, Cristian Newman, Nathan Anderson and in center, Avel Chuklanov, all courtesy … More Smiles

Waiting for Spring [cinquain]

Sunshine, a welcome gift after brutal weather What secrets lie beneath the ground? Crocus This example of a Crapsey Cinquain is inspired by Abigail Gronway at Dark Side of the Moon. Top photo taken today in my front garden. Lower photo taken of the same garden in April of 2016.  

Backyard Outlook

Windows dark, no little Ginger barking in the yard no lamp lights fill the rooms behind closed shades Becky’s house is empty now in meditation stillness pregnant with expectancy of meeting a new family of birthing a new home Becky and her family lived in the house behind my house for the 18 years we … More Backyard Outlook

Windrush Drive

Riding my bike one summer day wind in my face as I sail through the streets Thinking of starting a poetry blog focused on simple ephemeral pleasures gifted to me as I sail through my life I notice a street sign not noted before — Windrush Drive — a perfect permanent name for my blog … More Windrush Drive


  I want to soar like the hawk surveying my surroundings wings open tilted toward the wind finding my course in the current conditions effortlessly   A hawk has been hunting high above my writing window for several months. Well camouflaged against winter trees, I rarely see him unless he’s in flight. Thus I have … More Effortless


Channeling Dickinson I write alone – from my writing desk looking out my writing window inspired by this little slice of woods – teeming with constant change – No dashing anywhere today – except on poet’s paper   Read more about Emily Dickinson on

February Forecast

February rains pock yesterday’s snow with icy muddy puddles February words rain onto journal pages, as dull, sloshy drivel More snow, though, is expected later in the evening to smooth this sloppy lawn Forecast, too, more words to blanket first-draft babble with soft poetic song   Photo courtesy of Pixabay, adjusted using PaintShop