Pause. Take a breath. Be surprised by the extraordinary joy of ordinary moments.

Reflections on mindfulness through poetry and prose.

Queen Anne's lace
Queen Anne’s lace growing wild in my yard

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Just signed up for the NaPoWriMo thingy, too. I’ve done it before, more ties than I care to count, with variably satisfactory outcomes, but I’m feeling pretty charged this time around. I’m scanning other participant sites this morning, making note of those I hope to visit regularly and/or add to my “Following” list. You’re on it . See you around, I hope. Peace.

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    1. I hope so, too, Ron. I didn’t do much with it last year but the year before I think I did about 28 poems in the 30 days. Had a blast but then didn’t write a single new poem in the whole month of May. I hope to pace myself better this year. Good to meet you.


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