Lunar New Year 2023

Snow wraps the earth in asymphony of silenceon a windless Lunar New Year’s morning A man in a red hatwalks to the corner,frosted umbrella in hand – his mini, movable shelter The squish of his boots on fresh snowis momentarily drowned out bymallards in heated discussion abovebut they quiet on the lakeas he turns the … More Lunar New Year 2023


Receive, Release

Window of my chest opens to receive breath, breeze, memories sunlight and warmth of smiles taste of moist air before a snow cinnamon tea steam Window of my chest opens to release tension in my shoulders sighs from deep content a secret smile directed at mallards moving amidst grey clouds Window of my chest opens as … More Receive, Release

Waiting Room

Mid-January waitingfor a yellow song of sunshine,for a little light,for forsythia blooms of blessingsfor my love to get out of surgery A woman in coverallspeppered in yellow paintwaits for the hallway elevator;it opens to spill a sunburst of laughterthen little light blessings of, “Have a good day!”as three transported strangersemerge and part ways Yellow-spattered cheersilently … More Waiting Room


When the road traveledis covered with silent snow,finding the path to followis buried in uncertainty. Who knows, though? Perhaps the journey may take a turn,leading to winter windfalls. Original version posted January 22, 2018. Photo taken at Firefighters Park in Troy, MI USA

Hibernation (Winter Solstice 2022)

On the longest night, personal reflectionhums within my private hope It’s dusk of the year,activity, not faith, lies dormantinside my hibernation,surviving on the harvestof seasons’ inspiration This foundation of renewal,unnoticed, under the surface,needs no coaxing Fertile dreams will unfoldas slowly as the lengthening of daysuntil time is ripe for creative expression Happy winter solstice to … More Hibernation (Winter Solstice 2022)

Grateful Manifestation

Soft warm flannel pjsinsulate me from the chillsof paned air as I composeby my writing window Flannel cloth wovenby hands that work the loomcloth cut and stitchedby folks to whom I’m grateful Cotton planted, grown,harvested for others’ skillsby farmer hands unknown,to whom I’m also grateful To earthworms I give thanks fortilling soil beneath the surface,aerating … More Grateful Manifestation


Peace came to me today on wings of rowdy crows their joyous ruckus rocked bare branches amid wild winter’s wind Peace stayed with me today through carrot chopping rhythm, steam hissing from the Instant Pot, warm water washing hands Peace did slip away from me through a kitchen plumbing mishap,reading news of trials and scandals … More Peace


We stocked up at Costco yesterday filled our pantry with a bounty of sweet corn, green beans, and stewed tomatoes, brown rice, spices, and quinoa,vitamins, vodka, and vegetable broth – our autumn cache for sustenance while we incubate creative reflectionwithin our warm abodethrough the dormant winter as we and the good earth rest Photo courtesy … More Harvest

Love Poems

“Notice my creation for you,” god keeps reminding me through soft wind whispers. So, I notice the way dark lines of empty branches thrust themselves against the soft blue sky. I notice how creation is over the top with variety, squirrels black, red, and grey fluffy tails or wispy ones, symphonies of bird songs each … More Love Poems

As It Gets Cold

Tell yourself as it gets coldthat you will go on loving the world,find pearls of joy in snow that blankets lakes,admire snowflake blossoms as much as hard icy flakes that splatter down Tell yourself to awakenbefore the plum dawn spills light on your face,fill your pockets with frosty air,watch your words becomewhite when you speak … More As It Gets Cold