12 Days of Apprehension

What was really stolen?Rights of the people to have leadershipthat inspires the best in us,not incites insurrection What was really the fake news?Lies from the bruised ego of a loser that perpetuated false claims of a rigged electionnot mainstream reporting This morning I’d hoped tosigh a sigh of reliefand I do upon confirmation of the … More 12 Days of Apprehension


Throw a yule log on the fireconjure up some wassailmake a wreath of evergreenslight a candle flame Celebrate the darknesswelcome growing lightwinter comes with stillnessprepares for growth anew

Great Conjunction*

They may approach with consternationhaving not engaged in years but they draw nearer every night to celebrate on winter solsticewith a blushing butterfly kiss * The Great Conjunction of Aquarius 2020 is when the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn come so close together that they appear as a double planet. Click for more information. Photo from … More Great Conjunction*


When loss blows you awayfollow winter’s pathembrace the growing darknessbreathe the breeze of gain When blame troubles your heartfeel affection for othersbe secure in your abilitiesbreathe the breeze of praise When sorrow drenches you in downpour after downpourbe nourished by the rain thenbreathe the breeze of joy When failure weighs your spirit downsearch for new … More Equanimity


For $5 a day once a week Mildred cleaned our house,ironed Daddy’s white shirts, uniform of 1950s salesmenand took care of a preschooler – me We weren’t well off; Mom was a school secretaryDaddy was a salesman on the road most of the weekMom needed help with the housework So Mildred became our Monday maid. … More Redlining


My husband, David, is the guest contributor for today’s post.The following is a series of his first haikus written duringa playful evening. I am haiku-ingseven strange syllable rulesto meet each other I am haiku-ingseventeen syllable rulesmerging to create * I am haiku-ingfive plus seven plus five ruleforming my haiku I am haiku-ingself-referential poemspeaking to itself … More Haiku-ing


Loss, depression, civil unrest,Anxiety, obsession, spiking pandemicHas left me all tangled up Like while knitting a sweaterAnd noticing a faulty stitchI need to unravel toward aPlace before the snarl Solomon tells usTo every thing there is a seasonA time to every purpose under heaven…A time to rend, a time to sewOr in other wordsA time … More Unraveling


There is no logic here concerning when joyful words are waterfalls or when clogged up words stay out of reach There is no logic here concerning when melancholy floods my spirit or when gratitude electrifies my cells There is no logic here concerning when isolation ennui conquers curiosity or when crafting a poem outweighs reading … More Illogical