Delight Twice

We left our Midwest home this monthas trees had just begun to bud only daffodils had yet to bloom For a week we vacationed in the South, where spring was in its heyday  lush green trees, bright peonies, splashes of wild roses Upon return to Michiganwe were greeted by the hawthornwith her blossomed sweet scent, … More Delight Twice


Forever might be shortshorter than we thinkespecially if we believeall is impermanent Forever might be shortthough it might be long enoughlong enough for spring to comelong enough to make amends Forever might be long enoughto be forgiven, to be healedlong enough to live in heaven whenforever is this moment This poem used a line in … More Forever

Morning Moon

I am looking for the morning moon a waning crescent curl today, the sun has risen fully so, she will have to share her shine The Day Twenty-eight prompt is to write a concrete poem, a poem in the written in the shape of its subject.

Relevant Realities

That patch of earth I think I know so well where I garden mostly still and mostly silent In my stillness and my silence, I notice details hues of petals, bend of foliage, feel of damp, dark dirt Purple, green, and brown, I attend to with a focus while my little ones play games outside … More Relevant Realities

Tera, a Wood Elf

Oh, dear poet, love and care for your little patch of woods that touches you with inspiration, nourishes your earth-soul Thank you for leaving the leaves untouched where the smallest of the ones I love build safe habitats – worms and crickets, beetles and bees, vole and chipmunk, too Squirrels whose antics entertain you, birds … More Tera, a Wood Elf

Glimmer of Awe

I saw just a tiny glimmer of awe the rest was on the loose it’s a mystery where the glimmer was from but I have clues to this riddle The middle or even a tiny edge slice is a clue as to what is the whole If I look at the puzzle as if it’s … More Glimmer of Awe

Free Love

Take the corset off the way you lovefree love from its stifling, binding staysliberate expressions of devotion Let wind blow through love’s loose hairlet love leap and prance abouttake the corset off the way you love Wriggle toes of barefoot loveraise love’s arms in vulnerabilityfree love from its stifling, binding stays Shed the molds of … More Free Love

Carving History

Aunt Libby kept us both as our moms went off to workBonnie and I watched Captain Kangaroo together in the morning,stifled giggles while pretending to take our afternoon napHer dad had been in the circus and taught herto do tricks on a trapeze he put up in the car port.Her mom always made us French … More Carving History