Jabberwocky Birds

What if wild geese flew in a W instead of in a V two leaders, two wind flows, two clans What if hawks turned out to be vegan as chipmunks danced without any fear  in wildflower field buffets   What if my life moved in directions not familiar to my history Would I fly like … More Jabberwocky Birds


Bubbles sparkle my tongue, soured by lemonquenching only the surface of my thirstI need to be kissed by art,to kiss art herself,sense her effervescence,without diluting the sparkle I throw myself again and againagainst the bitters of lifemaking music by kissing the bone of sorrowso deeply as to delight within the marrow of her joy Photo … More Tonic

Dreamliner Flight LH443

At 39,000 feet above the groundwe cast shadows atop clouds over Galway –Oh, what lyric pixels of Gaelic poetrymust frolic in the gusts of Limerick skies I cannot fathom the collected verse of sagespulsing through this Éire atmosphereas we blast above Banbridge and Killoughwhere nodes of odes by bards still coalesce May Celtic spirit and … More Dreamliner Flight LH443


Irritated with how my morning went awryfailed technology, an overcast dayleft me lethargic, left me nettlesome Windchimes clanged, tempest howledwindcatcher, a whirling dervishstorm clouds barreled across the sky There’s my energy! I went outsidefaced the wind and my irritationreturned with my flow renewed Photo by Mohamed Nohossi courtesy of Unsplash


Snow clings to sides of treesblown by worldly windsof last night’s winter storm In warm morning sunlightthuds of ice fall like glaciers calvingpocking the snow below Limbs let go of what weighs them downto lift toward the sun and blossom “Zen says everything preaches the dharma…”– Nancy Mujo Baker, dharma teacher and philosophy professor For … More Release

New Now

Gather fluttering energy in the tender green season of this new now, like an infant not knowing, not acting, not speaking, pierce through mystery with joy of new eyes Fresh grass bends easily in faint breaths of wind embrace blurred boundaries as transient truths Photo by Mihály Köles courtesy of Unsplash


A crow caws its lone callhigh in a tree across the street,  two crows in that tree stay silentas their friend calls outin a five-caw measure A new crow flies in from behind melands on a branch beside the caw-crow,another alights in the caucus of crowsnow five crows hang out in the tree The caw-crow … More Awesome

Ode to Gray

Oh Gray, you ancient pigmentof cave drawings and mammoths,you steel our nerves, yet give us room to playwithin the vast grayscale of your nature Oh Gray, you are fluidity between two absolutesyou negotiate compromise between black and whiteyou are a subtle mixture of time’s shadows,ominous as much as you are easily overlooked You’ve the strength … More Ode to Gray

February Time

Minutes are marked by the furnace  warming the house, then restingHours pass as icicles formand while minding the soup in the potHeight of snow drifts marks my daysShifts of the moon mark the weeks I chop potatoes for soup as a prayerworship wool socks and mittensGarden rocks hibernate under white capeswhile sky hides beneath curtains … More February Time

Heart’s Content

I have a busy heartloving otherssometimes aching, sometimes breakingsometimes bursting with pleasure except for one quiet chambercurled into a soft circlelike a sleeping, purring kittensafe from my desires an alcove beyond egowhere I can becontent with contentment. First published February 13, 2016 Top photo courtesy of Pixabay, lower drawing is one of my original zentangles.