I walk along Mill Creek listening to its gurgling song Dry leaves left from late autumn migrate across the fields A French horn bark of an old yellow dog carries through the crisp air Above, a squirrel’s nests sways visible while limbs are still bare I am but a molecule swirling through the spiral of … More Stardust

Dawn’s Plea

Sparkles dance when fingers brush against a frosty pane The wind catcher spins below while bare limbs sway above  A black lab rests unmovable beneath a rocking truck Fog ignores Dawn’s plea to lift till Wind pushes the issue   Graphic by Annie Spratt courtesy of Unsplash

New Outlook

My hard drive crashed I lost a lot of favorites my Outlook tanked the contact list wiped clean So I upgraded Windows a new interface to learn my Outlook is improving as I organize my files The loss is a lesson the universe is teaching me to let go of clinging and a need for … More New Outlook


I tripped on my shoelace and fell up, my shoes falling off as I tumbled through a bundle of cumulus clouds, with soon-to-be raindrops spilling through my cupped hands. I rose to the sun to dry my damp hair before returning home taking a spin on Saturn’s halos then floating toward Earth’s moon. I stopped of … More Untied

Tuning Up

When the mind is filled with ruckus from opposing points of view give voices time for tuning up into harmonic unity   Let timpani and horns parley with violins and flutes tuning up til they create a symphony of peace   Photo courtesy of Pixabay Congregate

Let Me In, Let Me In

The yellow lab trumpets his request “Let me in, let me in,” until the red door opens where he comes in from the cold into warmth Loving kindness whispers her request “Let me in, let me in” until my heart opens and she transforms my apathy into concern The photo captures the dog across the … More Let Me In, Let Me In


Sometimes a question whispers in my ear Sometimes a question shouts in my face How do I assay my purpose In this beautiful, brutal, finite life? Is it a striving to be seen? A craving to be astonished? Can I be buoyed by hope beyond a ritual answer? Then a tiny azure dragonfly alights deepening … More Dragonfly

Pancakes for Supper

Mom prepared a healthy meal for us each night and morning, too, for that matter even though she worked outside the house unlike the moms of my friends who stayed home and ironed, drinking Coke-a-Cola while watching As the World Turns But every once in a while when Daddy was out of town on business … More Pancakes for Supper