Winter Sky


I puzzle over how
the winter sky sheds
frozen tears

Is she longing for the light?
Or is she sending treasures to earth
as the fruits of her joy?


Image from my personal collection.

15 thoughts on “Winter Sky

  1. A refreshing take on snowfall! Or sleet? More sleet than snow here – falling bits as fruits of Nature’s joy is quite a twist from angst about icy roads! (So very human to judge weather as all about US. Love this alternate possibility.)

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    1. I always enjoy your comments, Jazz. I try to stay off any icy streets these days and just sit by the window and watch the snow ballet. Actually, I just arrived in Mexico yesterday to sunny skies, tropical bird songs and the beach. I love it here and try to get down once a year or so but we missed it last year due to injuries. That makes it all the more special to be here now. And I got the added bonus to have a layover in Nashville where my sister lives and we had such a lovely visit. Thanks for dropping by and for adding your interesting comments. Always a pleasure. Stay warm and safe!

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    1. Thank you, Penny. I think I took that photo back in November when we had so much snow. But since then it has been really warm for MI this winter. I just arrived in Mexico last night so I am enjoying the mid 80s weather, the tropical bird songs, the jungle’s lush green and having no where to drive. I appreciate your comment. Take care.


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