Go Back Home, Jack

Recently we took in a cat, Jack, from a friend who became too ill to care for him. With two well established cats in the house, Chloe and Star, the inclusion of this much younger cat took some adjustments. This poem is written in the rhythm (somewhat) of the Ray Charles tune, Hit the Road, … More Go Back Home, Jack

Sunrise, Sunset

Growth Sunrise today is underwhelming at least as far as colors are concerned yet my kitty and I still sit on the window seat to watch the light grow and grow and grow every moment eternal every moment finite Sunset Haiku “Feed me please,” she purrs, “by the back window because sunset’s blaze soon fades.” … More Sunrise, Sunset

Returning from Mexico

Last week I listened to the music of tropical birds wind through jungle foliage splashing surf and a mariachi band Back home I listen to the music of purring cats humming from the furnace crunching snow and a Spotify collection Travel broadens the mind Returning deepens appreciation for home Top photo taken in Riviera Maya, … More Returning from Mexico


The sun has set but she has not come home. Calling for her again and again, her little whiskered face does not appear at the front door or the door wall. The night air is calm with the new warmth of early spring. Yet, was there not a coyote in the back yard just last … More Lost

Olympic Star

Once upon a time we had a little kitten who came to us at Christmas so we named her Star When we watched the winter Olympics little Star was fascinated by figure skaters on TV she became our Olympic Star “Is this how you bow?” Star asks. Stars agrees with the score.   Conjure


On Caturday, I’ll sit in the sun feeling its warmth under closed lids I will half-nap so I can watch myself fall into a dream and feel the sensation of awakening I will pad down the stairs and lick a spoon of Nutella scooped right out of the jar Then I’ll curl up on an … More Caturday


She jumped in my lap unexpectedly With padded paws, no claws at all She shifted a bit until settled Let me stroke her soft fur And purred Until she became this poem   One of my feline muses, Chloe, was the inspiration for this post.   Image from Pixaby

Sunny Day Waltz

The cat rests in  a pane of light alert for sparks of adventure as is the nature of cats The turtle meditates on a log in the lake stretching its neck to inhale the warmth as is the nature of turtles Mallards gather to swim in the shade feeding with family before their migration as is … More Sunny Day Waltz