Snow clings to sides of treesblown by worldly windsof last night’s winter storm In warm morning sunlightthuds of ice fall like glaciers calvingpocking the snow below Limbs let go of what weighs them downto lift toward the sun and blossom “Zen says everything preaches the dharma…”– Nancy Mujo Baker, dharma teacher and philosophy professor For … More Release

February Time

Minutes are marked by the furnace  warming the house, then restingHours pass as icicles formand while minding the soup in the potHeight of snow drifts marks my daysShifts of the moon mark the weeks I chop potatoes for soup as a prayerworship wool socks and mittensGarden rocks hibernate under white capeswhile sky hides beneath curtains … More February Time

Lunar New Year 2023

Snow wraps the earth in asymphony of silenceon a windless Lunar New Year’s morning A man in a red hatwalks to the corner,frosted umbrella in hand – his mini, movable shelter The squish of his boots on fresh snowis momentarily drowned out bymallards in heated discussion abovebut they quiet on the lakeas he turns the … More Lunar New Year 2023


When the road traveledis covered with silent snow,finding the path to followis buried in uncertainty. Who knows, though? Perhaps the journey may take a turn,leading to winter windfalls. Original version posted January 22, 2018. Photo taken at Firefighters Park in Troy, MI USA

Love Poems

“Notice my creation for you,” god keeps reminding me through soft wind whispers. So, I notice the way dark lines of empty branches thrust themselves against the soft blue sky. I notice how creation is over the top with variety, squirrels black, red, and grey fluffy tails or wispy ones, symphonies of bird songs each … More Love Poems

As It Gets Cold

Tell yourself as it gets coldthat you will go on loving the world,find pearls of joy in snow that blankets lakes,admire snowflake blossoms as much as hard icy flakes that splatter down Tell yourself to awakenbefore the plum dawn spills light on your face,fill your pockets with frosty air,watch your words becomewhite when you speak … More As It Gets Cold

Sun Lamp Day

Today’s a sun lamp kind of dayGround is whitened, heavens are greySnowflakes dance an icy balletInside I’ll stay, inside I’ll stay The sun lamp heals my gloomy moodNow I won’t sit inside and broodInstead, I’ll cook some comfort foodMy joy renewed, my joy renewed Thanks to my WordPress friend, Mouse, at The Twisting Tail for … More Sun Lamp Day

Wintry Mix

Rushed last-minute shopping, then savor slow-cooked stew Sweet treats for the children, for adults – spiked cider brew Trees stand bare outside while inside trees are bright Snow-white monotone beneath sparkling festive lights Anticipating gatherings amid loss memories Sincere gifts complete with bows around synthetic trees The season brings abundance while we practice letting go … More Wintry Mix

Bespangled Day

Clouds splash dawning skyFootprints dapple noonday snowStars prick through greying nightfallas polka dot joys of my day Graphic from my personal collection

Blizzards of Blessings

Winter storm blasted past sunsetglittered its mantle of snow in the moonlight Eight inches dumped to shovel and plowoffered spry aerobics in crisp morning air Dishes piled up after dishwasher brokethawed icicle fingers in sink of warm bubbles Hubby in hospital, visits restrictedbut cared for by kind health healers When an avalanche of woes is … More Blizzards of Blessings