Waiting for Spring [cinquain]

late winter

a welcome gift
after brutal weather
What secrets lie beneath the ground?


This example of a Crapsey Cinquain is inspired by Abigail Gronway at Dark Side of the Moon.

Top photo taken today in my front garden. Lower photo taken of the same garden in April of 2016.


9 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring [cinquain]

  1. A marvelous Crapsey Cinquain for spring! I know you can’t wait to see those crocuses again. As for me, I miss the snow…. 🙂 You may grow weary of it if you have to look at it a long time (and shovel, etc.), but it sure makes you appreciate spring all the more, doesn’t it!

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    1. I also try to enjoy each season. I actually love winter but I also love the transition from winter to spring. This one seems to be a wet, cool one so far. A ray of sunshine lifts my soul. Thanks for dropping by.


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