Backyard Outlook

Becky's Empty House

Windows dark,
no little Ginger
barking in the yard
no lamp lights fill the rooms
behind closed shades

Becky’s house is empty now
in meditation stillness
pregnant with expectancy
of meeting a new family
of birthing a new home

Becky and her family lived in the house behind my house for the 18 years we have lived in this neighborhood. Because my writing window looks out onto that back yard, the house has found its way into my poetry before such as the poem, Becky’s Back Yard

Graphic is an original colored pencil drawing of the back of Becky’s house. (I’m starting to work on perspective in my drawing class.)



11 thoughts on “Backyard Outlook

    1. I looks like a single young man, but I haven’t met him yet. It’s been so cold we all stay inside these days. I can’t imagine why a single person would want a house that big so maybe there are others. Hope to meet him/them soon.

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  1. I like your poem about Becky’s house. And, your other poems too, I just don’t often comment. sorry. how are you? we’ll come to Michigan on Tuesday. Love, Yvette

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