Personal Effects

Things I carry: – reusable bags for saving the earth – net bags for buying from vegetable stands – a credit card to embrace surprises – a jot-down notebook for interesting details – masks to protect myself and others – shades to help keep my vision intact – keys to chance adventures – ID to … More Personal Effects

Pulse of Power

Storm clouds ate the sun this morning swift, like the moon eats daylight in total solar eclipse thunder came, rain followed surfing the wind in tandem Then rain, thunder, darkness receded in reverse not lingering after their surge Photo taken from my front porch


When unexpected events eat away at my intentions for the day, the universe sighs and whispers to me, “Embrace this as serendipity.” Photo by Sebastian Huxley courtesy of Unsplash

Morning Moon

I am looking for the morning moon a waning crescent curl today, the sun has risen fully so, she will have to share her shine The Day Twenty-eight prompt is to write a concrete poem, a poem in the written in the shape of its subject.

Listening Stream

This world has all kinds of listeningThey’re all kinds of streams in this worldThere are all kinds of smooth stonesin the streams of this worldSo, stone-smoothing streamsare good placesto practicequiet –shhhh The Day Nine prompt was to write a nonet, a nine-line poem with a descending number of syllables in each line. This poem was … More Listening Stream

Blue Skies Above

Early spring, a day for daydreamsLazy zephyr in the airBirds at play, wind chimes singBudding limbs reach up in prayerI walk outside with just a sweaterGood day to be under the weather The Day Seven prompt is to disagree with a proverb or saying. Compliment this poem with a Wind Rush post called, Singing Along … More Blue Skies Above


A feeling arises sometimes in me,of sadness without a clear source,and longing that is for something I’ve never had. Yes, itis a true emotion that I feel but, it isnot akin to the intensity of grief. The English word“pain” does not express this elusive feeling; it’s “saudade” The Day Six prompt is to write a … More Saudade


Life’s a series of moments experienced now like sensory input flowing like sand in an hourglass, constantly changing not glued to any event of the past, so bring to the table your best life, live in heaven now The Day Six prompt is to write a variation of an acrostic poem, using words and phrases … More Hourglass