Iteration [pantoum*]

If there was no tomorrow   No chance of success or failure It’s only today, that’s all you get What would you do with this day No chance of success, or failure Reliving the day again and again What would you do with this day If you had a chance for a redo Reliving the same day … More Iteration [pantoum*]

Penchant for Hugging

Tree-hugger, I am called, one who conserves paperWho strolls through the woods, reads “Overstory”Who also paints pictures of trees, makes tree collagesWrites poems about trees, even has them carved into artWhen they die of natural causes, so, yes, if that’s whatBeing a tree-hugger is, I confess to these acts Page-hugger, I call myself also, one … More Penchant for Hugging


Compassion often immerges with weeping of the rain It can’t be rinsed away though, that truth dwells deep inside Practice lovingkindness and then yes, do it again Compassion often immerges with weeping of the rain Dancing dreams and quiet places may ease the pain Love’s not bells and flowers, it’s keeping kindness by your side … More Compassion

A Beast She Is

A Beast, she is, my Cat with claws and teeth as sharp as Daggers, yet she Eats her dish of Fancy Feast with Gentle Haute attention I let this beast Jump on my lap to Keep me company but Let me not forget her claws or My pants will turn to ribbons Napping is Of … More A Beast She Is

Waiting for Spring [cinquain]

Sunshine, a welcome gift after brutal weather What secrets lie beneath the ground? Crocus This example of a Crapsey Cinquain is inspired by Abigail Gronway at Dark Side of the Moon. Top photo taken today in my front garden. Lower photo taken of the same garden in April of 2016.  

Life as a Poem

I awoke to a windy flood of dawn, fall’s October beginning; I opened the shades, found that last night’s rain fall made flood puddle tunnels throughout the gardens. Before I let the cat out, I checked the tiny tunnel beneath the chipmunk rock, none were playing there this crisp morning. I read a dharma about … More Life as a Poem

Remembering Memories

Each time a memory’s remembrance is recalled, affected by new memories, it’s changed   This month in a writer’s group, we are working with different poetic forms. This week we are exploring the Cinquain. This poem is an example of this form. Graphic by Pixabay.