Cusp of a Cycle

creative expression seems frozen still even after the equinox  it snowed today clouds are steel grey trees dormant and bud-less  yet foliage appears in the garden as returning crocus emerge creativity is perennial     Photo from my personal collection.

Waiting for Spring [cinquain]

Sunshine, a welcome gift after brutal weather What secrets lie beneath the ground? Crocus This example of a Crapsey Cinquain is inspired by Abigail Gronway at Dark Side of the Moon. Top photo taken today in my front garden. Lower photo taken of the same garden in April of 2016.  

sometimes god…

Sometimes god dances to the pulse of Northern lights dressed in dragonfly green chiffon as she twirls among the stars Sometimes god walks the same path each season, seeding it with flowers or sunshine or damp brown leaves or icy snow that glitters Sometimes god brushes against tiny baby eyelashes and the thin skin of … More sometimes god…

Becky’s Back Yard

Becky’s back yard is full of growth tender young trees beneath old oaks thrusting their branches to heaven From my writing room window, I see only a patch of the yellow green field of my own back yard but Becky’s back yard offers a full performance – The daily drama of a mother raccoon teaching … More Becky’s Back Yard


Animals breathe oxygen Plants breathe CO2 The earth breathes seasons And experience breathes grace Relationships breathe respect Creativity breathes attention Meditation breathes stillness And experience breathes grace I have been contemplating the idea of grace lately. Instead of being an external gift given to me that I don’t deserve, grace could instead be the practice … More Grace

Electric Autumn

On this first chill rain of autumn I shiver, each cell pulsing with the underlying voltage of seasonal fluctuations All photos taken by the author on this rainy autumn morning

Annual Breath

Look at the maple by the bay window benevolent toward all seasons In summer no swearing about sweltering heat; she opens her heart to the sun In winter no lamenting the stark naked freeze; she goes inward for dreams and renewal   This poem was inspired by a piece in a recent Austin Kleon newsletter … More Annual Breath