New Now

Gather fluttering energy in the tender green season of this new now, like an infant not knowing, not acting, not speaking, pierce through mystery with joy of new eyes Fresh grass bends easily in faint breaths of wind embrace blurred boundaries as transient truths Photo by Mihály Köles courtesy of Unsplash


I was born to dance with interconnections cottonwood seeds perform a ballet outside my window on this breezy late spring day My homeland emerged dancing with interconnections airy, some seeds float up, some seem to hang in the air, they change direction and speed The universe exploded to dance with interconnections no destination, just playing … More Interspersed

Delight Twice

We left our Midwest home this monthas trees had just begun to bud only daffodils had yet to bloom For a week we vacationed in the South, where spring was in its heyday  lush green trees, bright peonies, splashes of wild roses Upon return to Michiganwe were greeted by the hawthornwith her blossomed sweet scent, … More Delight Twice


Forever might be shortshorter than we thinkespecially if we believeall is impermanent Forever might be shortthough it might be long enoughlong enough for spring to comelong enough to make amends Forever might be long enoughto be forgiven, to be healedlong enough to live in heaven whenforever is this moment This poem used a line in … More Forever

Tiny Delights

Stripes are everywhereshadows of the still-bare treesin the greening grass of a sunny spring day,the blades of grass themselves are emerald stripesas are indigo variegation in lavender crocuses Polka dots are everywhere, toolittle buds on the mapleso similar in color to the robin’s breast,stars in the sky on a clear night,and polka dots with wings … More Tiny Delights

Blue Skies Above

Early spring, a day for daydreamsLazy zephyr in the airBirds at play, wind chimes singBudding limbs reach up in prayerI walk outside with just a sweaterGood day to be under the weather The Day Seven prompt is to disagree with a proverb or saying. Compliment this poem with a Wind Rush post called, Singing Along … More Blue Skies Above


Songbirds gaggle homechirping sing-alongs as they travel Canada geese fill skies with honks,lakes with prolonged splash landings Forsythia blooms rumble inside thin branchesCoy crocus buds peek through the muddy thaw My bones sense soft rains,My face drinks warm raysA breeze fluffs my hair Springtime awakens NaPoWriMo Day Two prompt: Choose an obscure English word as … More Reverdie