It’s a sun-cloudy day mid-day, mid-autumn, half the leaves have fallen, the other half still dot the branches It’s not freezing, but it’s not warm I’m not excited about much right now but neither am I bored on this cloud-sunny day Compliment this poem with Shape Shifters and No Boundaries, both prior posts on Wind … More Midmost


Finch-sized leaves fall from maples twirling forty feet to fleck the ground with sunshine Both photos taken from my back yard in previous autumns. Our leaves here are just beginning to fall.


There is no logic here concerning when joyful words are waterfalls or when clogged up words stay out of reach There is no logic here concerning when melancholy floods my spirit or when gratitude electrifies my cells There is no logic here concerning when isolation ennui conquers curiosity or when crafting a poem outweighs reading … More Illogical

Shadow Roots

Bare limbs seek the sun yearning to leave like fruit trees on the street Reaching down with shadow roots pulling warmth from sun and soil Photo taken last week from my front yard in Troy, MI

Spring Yellow

Spring yellow is little finches flitting from tree to tree Dandelions dotting fields before they turn to seed Daffodils singing songs of yellow in the gardens The yellow of a spring sun burns a bright lemon-white The spring of 2020 brings new yellows to the season Caution tapes on playscapes where children used to play … More Spring Yellow


I believe in what I’ll never know Hallelujah If I get lost I’ll walk back to myself Hallelujah May silver threads of rain cleanse my song of Hallelujah May spring sun warm my winter-worn pale face Hallelujah May I live in gratitude forever singing Hallelujah Till dust of my old bones feeds the worms Hallelujah … More Hallelujah

Psychic Boomerang

I threw a psychic boomerang on a sunny day when striped umbrellas upside down where catching drops of sunshine I watched it fly by turquoise trees past pastel pterodactyls reverse its course come back to me three days before I’d thrown it  Day Twenty-one prompt: Write a poem that incorporates wild, surreal images. Try to play … More Psychic Boomerang

Waiting for Spring [cinquain]

Sunshine, a welcome gift after brutal weather What secrets lie beneath the ground? Crocus This example of a Crapsey Cinquain is inspired by Abigail Gronway at Dark Side of the Moon. Top photo taken today in my front garden. Lower photo taken of the same garden in April of 2016.