Train of Thought

freight train

“With every thought there’s a ‘Yes, but…’
With every idea comes another idea.
This is the labyrinth of thought.” Chase Twichell

Clickity clack
along the track
a train of thought
pulls into the station
to empty itself of cargo

While sitting still
at the station
other ideas
come clickity clacking
from myriad directions

With its cargo emptied
a new idea
clicks onto the train
then more ideas click and click
to add to this train of thought

With a cargo of new ideas
all clicked together
the new train of thought
clickity clacks
to a new destination

NaPoWriMo2019logo  Day Twenty-six prompt: Write a poem that uses repetition.

A special thanks goes to the makers of the movie Inside Out and their delightful rendition of a train of thought which I am sure inspired this post.

Photo by Morgan Paine courtesy of Unsplash

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