Train of Thought

“With every thought there’s a ‘Yes, but…’ With every idea comes another idea. This is the labyrinth of thought.” Chase Twichell Clickity clack along the track a train of thought pulls into the station to empty itself of cargo While sitting still at the station other ideas come clickity clacking from myriad directions With its cargo emptied a … More Train of Thought

Lightning Luminaires

Tiny fleeting spotlights disappear as they arise not beaming to illuminate stars upon a stage but briefly shining light upon a myriad of ordinary moments lived in untamed fields on summer nights  Day Twenty-three prompt: Write a poem about an animal. I chose to write about fireflies or lightning bugs as we called them when I … More Lightning Luminaires

Watercolor Rain

Rains in spring turn puddles into rainbows even a single bead of rain landing on a budding tulip’s leaf reflects all the colors of our world Though I walk in springtime puddles sunlight seems to follow me as a shadow of kaleidoscopic hues  Day Twenty-two prompt: Write a poem that engages with another art form. … More Watercolor Rain

Psychic Boomerang

I threw a psychic boomerang on a sunny day when striped umbrellas upside down where catching drops of sunshine I watched it fly by turquoise trees past pastel pterodactyls reverse its course come back to me three days before I’d thrown it  Day Twenty-one prompt: Write a poem that incorporates wild, surreal images. Try to play … More Psychic Boomerang

A Beast She Is

A Beast, she is, my Cat with claws and teeth as sharp as Daggers, yet she Eats her dish of Fancy Feast with Gentle Haute attention I let this beast Jump on my lap to Keep me company but Let me not forget her claws or My pants will turn to ribbons Napping is Of … More A Beast She Is

New Arrivals

From my mourning deck, each day at dusk I watched her emerge from a dark hollow in the ancient oak. She journeyed across the yard, climbed a sturdy elm, descended again and journeyed toward the park. Odd journey, I thought, why not go straight to the park? One evening she added a new facet to … More New Arrivals

Moss and Stone

The two of us have an ancient kinship A complimentary pairing, moss and stone One of us stands sturdy as foundation The other blankets with a soft embrace As a couple, we play hosts with open arms To a universe of tiny sentient beings They peek through green while grounded in the grey As we … More Moss and Stone