Destination Unknown

She rode a train with no carry-on baggage, no companion at her side She rode a train with no whistles no announcement of her departure She rode a train on a track of all curves the pathway forward obscured She rode a train through tunnels of darkness that later emerged into sunlight She left disillusion … More Destination Unknown

Forward Motion

Scene One: Focus shot on LUANNE sitting alone, pensive,gazing out a train window.Zoom in to the book on her lap, Tao of Pooh. Zoom out as MARGARET, a woman in her 50s enters,puts a bag over a backward-facing seat,removes her jacket and settles in facing LUANNE. MARGARET: (extending her hand to LUANNE) Hi, I’m Margaret.LUANNE: … More Forward Motion

Train of Thought

“With every thought there’s a ‘Yes, but…’ With every idea comes another idea. This is the labyrinth of thought.” Chase Twichell Clickity clack along the track a train of thought pulls into the station to empty itself of cargo While sitting still at the station other ideas come clickity clacking from myriad directions With its cargo emptied a … More Train of Thought

Take Care To Be Kind

The poem pierces the night a whistle that rounds the track awakening the memory of what not yet has happened The future always holds its death so take care – this could the last kind act you get to live Locomotive image from Pixabay Giving hands image from Pixabay Dear readers, in the last six … More Take Care To Be Kind