Inspiration, all around, breathing, waiting,to be a playful buddy if we notice,a grace note for our creative lives Imagination feeds on Inspirationbumping one idea against unlikely friendsfinding faces in a rock,hearing crimson, tasting grief,inhaling faint aromas of serenity Drink from nurturing soilas Inspiration rains upon your soulwatch with wonder what begins to quickenplay with it … More Buds


Dandelions stand bald after spring winds Tomorrow a crop of fresh ideas spread in new directions will take root Photo from my personal collection

Train of Thought

“With every thought there’s a ‘Yes, but…’ With every idea comes another idea. This is the labyrinth of thought.” Chase Twichell Clickity clack along the track a train of thought pulls into the station to empty itself of cargo While sitting still at the station other ideas come clickity clacking from myriad directions With its cargo emptied a … More Train of Thought


Not written in isolation, this post was inspired by other writers, supported by IT engineers, composed in a house, built by construction workers, wired by electricians Not created independently my ideas are shaped by social context, linked to millennia of wisdom, affected by all who influence me from family to advertisers, and even you, dear … More Co-creation


She jumped in my lap unexpectedly With padded paws, no claws at all She shifted a bit until settled Let me stroke her soft fur And purred Until she became this poem   One of my feline muses, Chloe, was the inspiration for this post.   Image from Pixaby

Profound Revelation

Do you ever get one of those great ideas that for some reason just seems to evaporate before you can write it down or commit it to memory? This poem is inspired by those events. Profound Revelation Is it gone for good already? Did you notice where it went? Could it be lingering just under … More Profound Revelation