Persephone Handiwork

ferns and ground cover

We returned at midnight,
a Hawthorne in the headlights
greeted us at the garage;
the rest of the yard
in darkness

Only after awakening
to the May morning light
did I see Persephone’s handiwork
accomplished during my absence

The ankle-high fiddle heads
I’d left behind
had grown to thigh-high ferns,
ground cover green before I’d gone
was now clothing herself in purple

The maple was fully leafed,
pear trees dripped white petals
the once brown grass was now lush green
seeds peppered our porch

I was awed by the unexpected
glory of this transformation
the goddess had accomplished
without the help of my hand


Dear readers, I have been in Colorado for a while, visiting my daughters, but I am glad to be home now and able to return to the blog. The coming months may see more absences, as I have several summer trips ahead to enjoy.

Photo taken today in my yard.

10 thoughts on “Persephone Handiwork

  1. Wonderful capture of how a landscape can change dramatically while we’re not paying attention! Seeing what’s happened in the yard is one of the perks of getting back from a trip … even if it ends up being work at weeding. We’ll be gone June and July, into August perhaps (TBD) – New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma for sure – maybe Arkansas as closing. Happy travels wherever you’re headed next.

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    1. Happy travels to you, too, Jazz. I loved Colorado. We went to Denver but spent most of our time in Steamboat Springs. We took some great hikes and went to Strawberry Park Hot Springs which was fabulous. It’s not easy to get to but so worth the trip. I was struggling with a head cold and a bad eye allergy; I soaked in the hot springs for a couple of hours and everything healed right up. It’s very relaxing there. So if you are in the Steamboat Springs area, check it out. Have fun! Take lots of photos!

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