T’ween Time

Sometimes I have creative languor like a teenager on summer breakwanting to rebel against the writing process,fledge and fly from my artist urgings,lose my thoughts in lazy daydreams Why? Because sometimes I need an artist Sabbathsuch respite is just the elixir requiredto refresh artistic entreaties; a way to rouse my creative spirit,to awaken my bottomless heart Poem … More T’ween Time

Mother’s Day Card

Mothers are hands that cook and drive carpools,brush out tangles and sooth fevered brows,  that do laundry, shell peas, and sometimes sew clothes;hands that yours will resemble when grown Mothers are feet that walk you to school,to the downtown bus stop, through the marketShe walks to the corner to call you for dinner,to your room … More Mother’s Day Card

Poem In My Head

The crossword puzzle lurks in my inbox but I have a poem in my head Dishes are stacked, ready to wash but I have a poem in my head The phone sings its song to pull me away but I have a poem in my head My stomach is growling, the cat is meowing but … More Poem In My Head


I am a hawk, circling for inspirationsoaked with ideas that rain from the sunand niggled by pebbles invading my shoe. I go outside before dawn with Jack,a Siberian fur ball, listen to the sparrows,watch peach rays paint the undersideof clouds. Jack instead watches thesubtle shift of dry leaves in the garden,an east wind breezes by. … More Hawking

Dreamliner Flight LH443

At 39,000 feet above the groundwe cast shadows atop clouds over Galway –Oh, what lyric pixels of Gaelic poetrymust frolic in the gusts of Limerick skies I cannot fathom the collected verse of sagespulsing through this Éire atmosphereas we blast above Banbridge and Killoughwhere nodes of odes by bards still coalesce May Celtic spirit and … More Dreamliner Flight LH443


Irritated with how my morning went awryfailed technology, an overcast dayleft me lethargic, left me nettlesome Windchimes clanged, tempest howledwindcatcher, a whirling dervishstorm clouds barreled across the sky There’s my energy! I went outsidefaced the wind and my irritationreturned with my flow renewed Photo by Mohamed Nohossi courtesy of Unsplash


Snow clings to sides of treesblown by worldly windsof last night’s winter storm In warm morning sunlightthuds of ice fall like glaciers calvingpocking the snow below Limbs let go of what weighs them downto lift toward the sun and blossom “Zen says everything preaches the dharma…”– Nancy Mujo Baker, dharma teacher and philosophy professor For … More Release


A crow caws its lone callhigh in a tree across the street,  two crows in that tree stay silentas their friend calls outin a five-caw measure A new crow flies in from behind melands on a branch beside the caw-crow,another alights in the caucus of crowsnow five crows hang out in the tree The caw-crow … More Awesome

Iteration [pantoum*]

If there was no tomorrow   No chance of success or failure It’s only today, that’s all you get What would you do with this day No chance of success, or failure Reliving the day again and again What would you do with this day If you had a chance for a redo Reliving the same day … More Iteration [pantoum*]