As We Wait

tree shadows in back yard

While plunked down in stillness
when I want to keep moving
I find it’s a grand time to remind myself
to notice the layers and layers of now

Like the lawns flocked with shadows,
clouds covering clouds,
and maybe the crescendo of katydid calls
all harmonizing in complex moments
with my heartbeat and my breath
as the sheltering continues

It’s a game I play,
the While-sequestered game,
time to notice
brief gifts throughout the day
time to see deities around me
in the real time I’m actually living

This is a revised version of a poem published on August 18, 2016 called Space-between Game.

Photo is of my back yard in Troy, MI.

13 thoughts on “As We Wait

  1. Fits our current opportunity perfectly! Though I look forward to more mobility, I’m engaging this sheltering as a unique vacation – uninterrupted time to sit still and pay attention to oft-overlooked details “all harmonizing in complex moments / with my heartbeat and my breath” (beautifully said – thank you!) These moments are complex for sure.

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    1. Glad it spoke to you, Jazz. I was glad I had an old poem to re-purpose because I have not been feeling creative for all of April. But it’s coming back – this time through card making to keep in touch with friends and family. Stay safe, dear friend.

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    1. These are strange times and I have had a hard time dealing with how long this will probably last. But I am beginning to come to terms with it. I just wish we could get some sunshine. It’s snowed here today and yesterday! I guess I will just breathe and do my art. I’ve been making greeting cards for friends and family to stay in touch while staying inside. Hope you are safe and healthy, V.J. Sending hope…

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