Grateful Manifestation

Soft warm flannel pjsinsulate me from the chillsof paned air as I composeby my writing window Flannel cloth wovenby hands that work the loomcloth cut and stitchedby folks to whom I’m grateful Cotton planted, grown,harvested for others’ skillsby farmer hands unknown,to whom I’m also grateful To earthworms I give thanks fortilling soil beneath the surface,aerating … More Grateful Manifestation

Leave the Leaves

I am the grey sky wind on this late November day that rustles the few remaining crackly leaves I am crackly leaves tenacious, clinging to branches when my cousins have already swirled to the ground I am the ground blanketed by leafage housing beetles, worms, crickets unseen by the woman in the window I am … More Leave the Leaves

From Phil

I left you when red cherries no longer were in seasonI left you when frost began to ice the dawnI left you when nighttime reached further into daytimeI left you as late summer braced with chillI left you before the harvest moon when autumn colors splashI left you before I could say goodbye So, rememberwhen … More From Phil


Surround yourself with the space ofa grateful state of mind,stare out the window, notice your breathponder what makes your heart really sing,like balloons,fresh cherries,cardamon,ducklings on the lake,challenging times you got through If an idea lands in this spacefree-write a while in your journal If no ideas emerge in this spacego to a file of rejected … More Prompt

Purple Dawn

Cold stings my face as the coral dawn brightens I’m bundled in my purple down coat, purple stocking cap, purple gloves and purple paisley scarf I go to market for supplies to make winter vegetable soup Masked, I enter, fumble for the list amid all my winter layers remove my hat and gloves mentally map … More Purple Dawn

Florida Room

Forget how you burned your tongue on the coffee this morninghow your feet were cold against the tile in the Florida roomthis one actually in Florida where you are visiting family Forget that you miss your cats terribly, all alone in your Michigan homewith no one to cater to their whims all day, only Kenny,the … More Florida Room


If I go to bed hungryghosts will leave me aloneespecially hungry ghosts thatlike to eat my peace If I go to bed hungryfairies will dance on my belly sprinkling magic fairy dustthat transforms into manna If I go to bed hungrymoonlight will quench my thirstwith colorful dreams that carry methrough the arc of sleep If … More Hungry


In a world of habitual wanting more money, less aging, promotion, we find ourselves trapped within a consciousness of lack We are able to shift this perception, though from focusing on what we are lacking to a perception of seeing abundance focused instead on our blessings We get to breathe, others love us we have … More Abundance

I’m Alive

I know I’m alive when sweet spring hawthorn scents my doorwayI know I’m alive when French silk pie lingers on my tongueI know I’m alive when I slide between cool laundered sheetsI know I’m alive when movement of shadows change with the sunI know I’m alive when Clapton blues dance my feetI know I’m alive … More I’m Alive