Waiting Room

Mid-January waitingfor a yellow song of sunshine,for a little light,for forsythia blooms of blessingsfor my love to get out of surgery A woman in coverallspeppered in yellow paintwaits for the hallway elevator;it opens to spill a sunburst of laughterthen little light blessings of, “Have a good day!”as three transported strangersemerge and part ways Yellow-spattered cheersilently … More Waiting Room

Buddha Buddy

Mindful meditationgives me practice ofnoticing the coming andgoing of my breath,my thoughts Until Jack, the cat, jumps on the tabledisrupting art suppliesgiving me practice ofnoticing the coming andgoing of my attention He’s my furry Buddha buddy Photo of Jack disrupting my art table in the room where I meditate.


When I look at stars on a clear nightI know the light I see maybe emitted a million years pastmight come from a now-extinct starby the time its light reaches my eyesbut I notice the light and sigh When awakened by the bird singing outside my windowI know the trill I hear has already ceasedby the time it reaches my earbut I notice the song and sigh When I feel my exhalationdispersed into a breezeI know that particular breathis already gone foreverbefore I inhale againbut I notice the life and sigh * Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our … More Bardos*

As We Wait

While plunked down in stillness when I want to keep moving I find it’s a grand time to remind myself to notice the layers and layers of now Like the lawns flocked with shadows, clouds covering clouds, and maybe the crescendo of katydid calls all harmonizing in complex moments with my heartbeat and my breath … More As We Wait

Facing the Itch

Coronavirus pandemic times require that we notice our hands with intent keeping hands away from the face The challenge now is what to do if you have an itch on your nose? or a drop of tear in your eye? Times now challenge us to just let the itch sit for a while notice the … More Facing the Itch