As We Wait

While plunked down in stillness when I want to keep moving I find it’s a grand time to remind myself to notice the layers and layers of now Like the lawns flocked with shadows, clouds covering clouds, and maybe the crescendo of katydid calls all harmonizing in complex moments with my heartbeat and my breath … More As We Wait

For Pam

For years on my birthday a package arrived, Two or three heirloom iris bulbs selected After pouring over catalogs during summer When I’d visit my gardening friend An autumn birthday is a perfect time For planting bulbs for summer An exercise in patience For both me and the bulbs Just as lilac purple is spent … More For Pam

Real Time

Let’s meet in a space between patience and impatience in that time when life actually happens – and let silence be our conversation   The signature line for my email is from an article by David Cain. It reads “Patience…is the willingness to live life at the speed at which it actually happens.” This concept … More Real Time

Waiting for Yellow

  A yellow winged butterfly rested on a leaf, closed her wings to become a brown spot I waited, eyes fixed watching with intent for this insect to once again morph into flight I had the time Last night’s dishes were running so I watched to the the song of whish, clink, whish, clink until She … More Waiting for Yellow

After the Storm

After breakfast the storm rolled in, with rumbling thunder in the distance, then lightning flashed and struck her heart, criticism roared. Seeking cover in her own self worth she whispered, “Don’t spit anger” yet spit she did with spiteful words that blew back to sting her face. After the storm, the quiet rolled in no … More After the Storm


It’s a kind of gracious spirit, I think how a door mat welcomes with passage and pause where sneakers and high heels and muddy work boots can dally a bit before moving through. It’s a kind of a generous spirit, I think how a tea cup accepts whatever I pour be it Earl Grey or … More Namaste