Dreamliner Flight LH443

At 39,000 feet above the groundwe cast shadows atop clouds over Galway –Oh, what lyric pixels of Gaelic poetrymust frolic in the gusts of Limerick skies I cannot fathom the collected verse of sagespulsing through this Éire atmosphereas we blast above Banbridge and Killoughwhere nodes of odes by bards still coalesce May Celtic spirit and … More Dreamliner Flight LH443

Trying to Reconcile

How can I understand in my heartwhat doesn’t make sense in my head? How can I reconcile spiritual preceptswith logical ambiguity? Could it be like the canvas of skythere to support the changing clouds? Could it be like the constant silencethere to support splashes of sound? Photo taken from my front porch.


autumn leaves fallen half-moon plays in wind-swept clouds changes fill the air Photo by Pawel Czerwinski courtesy of Unsplash


It’s a sun-cloudy day mid-day, mid-autumn, half the leaves have fallen, the other half still dot the branches It’s not freezing, but it’s not warm I’m not excited about much right now but neither am I bored on this cloud-sunny day Compliment this poem with Shape Shifters and No Boundaries, both prior posts on Wind … More Midmost


Unknowing is not a cloud that conceals understanding requiring explanation to clear the air Knowing is the cloud perhaps seductively defined by wisps and vapor Rorschach shapes of weather spilled like milk across the sky You can analyze the knowing cloud but only in the now; if you study for just a moment you see … More Unknowing