Becky’s Back Yard

Becky backyard

Becky’s back yard is full of growth
tender young trees beneath old oaks
thrusting their branches to heaven

From my writing room window, I see only a patch
of the yellow green field of my own back yard
but Becky’s back yard offers a full performance –

The daily drama of a mother raccoon
teaching her kits to climb down a tree,
a deer passing through to munch leaves,
the changing shadows from trees in the wind,
the seasonal cycles of their foliage
all visible to me for my pleasure

Yet the shadows and deer and seasonal changes
of my own back yard, I’m unable to see
from the view of my upstairs window

Stand too close to a Van Gogh and all you see are dots;
stand back to get a new perspective to see his whole Self Portrait

From a distance, the growth and beauty of others is easy to discern
yet the growth and beauty closest to home can be difficult to detect

Becky’s back yard offers many delights as I gaze out my window
but today I will visit my own back yard
to explore the field of possibilities
right under my own feet

 Van Gogh Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 1887 (oil on canvas)

Photo taken by LuAnne Holder of a deer in Becky’s back yard.
Van Gogh image from Artyfactory


13 thoughts on “Becky’s Back Yard

    1. Thank you, Yvette. It is good to hear from you. I am glad you and Terry were not involved in that tragic attack in NYC last week. I got the art journal to Penny. We miss you here but I know you are having a great time.


  1. I was journaling when the deer came through the yard a couple of days ago. I had to stand up and watch her until she disappeared through the houses. I love those “interruptions” to take time to watch the deer, or squirrels, or chipmunks, mallards or raccoons. Once I even saw a coyote. I got my cat inside quickly when I saw him! Thanks for stopping by Lady C. I am so behind in reading my favorite blogs. I guess from looking at all the wildlife in Becky’s back yard. 🙂

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    1. My aunt in Ohio used to have squirrels come up to their sliding glass doors wanting to be fed. I was absolutely fascinated to see them interact with her. They can be destructive little critters, though. They really fancy eating rubber under your car hood!

      Liked by 1 person

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