New Arrivals

From my mourning deck, each day at dusk I watched her emerge from a dark hollow in the ancient oak. She journeyed across the yard, climbed a sturdy elm, descended again and journeyed toward the park. Odd journey, I thought, why not go straight to the park? One evening she added a new facet to … More New Arrivals


I only slept in patches then an hour when she napped and maybe two or three at night after play and story times, stroller walks and giggles As I walked by her room at night littered with toys and books I’d pause to watch her peaceful sleep before doing my grown-up chores Last night she … More Motherhood

Backyard Outlook

Windows dark, no little Ginger barking in the yard no lamp lights fill the rooms behind closed shades Becky’s house is empty now in meditation stillness pregnant with expectancy of meeting a new family of birthing a new home Becky and her family lived in the house behind my house for the 18 years we … More Backyard Outlook


To fill the pool of desire to a level of enough, notice blessings from the shore, then dive into the quiet depths, place a pebble of new perspective where you can notice how empty spaces equally are blessings as the pool begins to swell with maximum enough.   Image by Pixabay

Real Time

Let’s meet in a space between patience and impatience in that time when life actually happens – and let silence be our conversation   The signature line for my email is from an article by David Cain. It reads “Patience…is the willingness to live life at the speed at which it actually happens.” This concept … More Real Time


It sits inside an unfilled basket, a table set for dinner. It lies upon the open hand waiting to be held and holds its breath, a ten-count pause that stills a voice from anger. It waits upon an uninked page, and virgin canvas patient on an easel. It’s poised behind the heavy velvet preceding a … More Potential