On Time

Nebraska sky

Time, like weather is capricious
we cannot possess the weather
nor can we possess time

Time cannot be banked like money
or hoarded like collectibles
all we have is this one moment

We can possess intentions, however
like owning a car or a sweater
if an intention doesn’t suit our needs, we can just let it go

So let’s practice intention management
since time management is impossible
because time cannot be possessed

Time rarely unfolds as expected
time is always fleeting
like the weather of the moment


This post is a poetic interpretation of an essay by David Cain at Raptitude called You Never Have Time, Only Intentions.  My previous post, Aspiration,  was also inspired by this article. I hope you will check out David’s site; he is quite inspirational in a very down-to-earth way.

The photo is an original I took last summer on a road trip from Michigan to Colorado with my daughter. We stopped for gas in Nebraska and this big sky was stunning. You can read a flash fiction piece about that very same stop that I posted last August called Nebraska. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “On Time

  1. Great poem. You’re right – we like to think we can manage and possess time, but we have absolutely no control over it. times passes, whether we want it to or not. Thank you for sharing this wondering poem.

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    1. Thanks, Joan. I’ve been reading David Cain’s work for several years now. I even attended a meditation workshop of his called Camp Calm that I found very helpful.


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