Waiting for a Thunderstorm

Morning sky is dark as dusk winds approach, branches rustle chipmunks chirp their warnings One drop falls as prelude upon the maple dappled a bit in amber and in coral on the first week of autumn when summer heat lingers Tempestuous rumbles roll in from afar electric passion shoots from cloud to earth allegro torrents … More Waiting for a Thunderstorm



It’s a sun-cloudy day mid-day, mid-autumn, half the leaves have fallen, the other half still dot the branches It’s not freezing, but it’s not warm I’m not excited about much right now but neither am I bored on this cloud-sunny day Compliment this poem with Shape Shifters and No Boundaries, both prior posts on Wind … More Midmost

Staying In

A yin snow during A yang pandemic Not venturing out this March morning Except through imagination Photo taken this morning in Troy, MI.  

On Time

Time, like weather is capricious we cannot possess the weather nor can we possess time Time cannot be banked like money or hoarded like collectibles all we have is this one moment We can possess intentions, however like owning a car or a sweater if an intention doesn’t suit our needs, we can just let … More On Time