From Phil

I left you when red cherries no longer were in seasonI left you when frost began to ice the dawnI left you when nighttime reached further into daytimeI left you as late summer braced with chillI left you before the harvest moon when autumn colors splashI left you before I could say goodbye So, rememberwhen … More From Phil


Forever might be shortshorter than we thinkespecially if we believeall is impermanent Forever might be shortthough it might be long enoughlong enough for spring to comelong enough to make amends Forever might be long enoughto be forgiven, to be healedlong enough to live in heaven whenforever is this moment This poem used a line in … More Forever

Graced by Whispers

My heart longs to findstill islands of dreamer-songshushed enough to hearwhispers of sweet somethingsabout the beauty we each holdnudging me to createbeauty from this beautybefore it fades Graphic courtesy of Pixabay

All in a Name

Once my name was Playing with Words Yesterday my name was Anxious about the Virus Today my name is Squirrels Spiraling in Spring’s Green Tomorrow my name will be Safely Venturing Out Secretly my name is Likes Wine Too Much I want my name to be All Is Impermanent Photo by Brecht Denil courtesy of … More All in a Name

Moonrise, Moonset

Sunrise reminds me of the impermanence of nature as do the cycles of the moon This morning, a thin lunar sliver, a waning crescent stands watch from above as sunrise colors fill the horizon With my attention on the glory of the sunrise I don’t notice the moon disappear Did she rise above the frame … More Moonrise, Moonset

No Time

I don’t have time I only have this moment as each moment is a when through which time flows I can’t save time I only have this moment as each moment dissipates as it arises I can’t waste time I only have this moment as each moment comes regardless of my actions I have no … More No Time

Common Koan

Patrick was already packing up when the phone rang. “Hey, little brother. Why don’t you come over for dinner with us tonight?” “Oh, I already have plans, Meg. Maybe tomorrow.” “What are you up to this evening?” “I’m meeting a bunch of guys at O’Toole’s for a couple of drinks and maybe some darts.” “You … More Common Koan