I am Here, where else could I be?This Here is different from any other HereI’ve experiencedThis Here is different from any other Hereothers experience I must appreciate each Here I encounter forHeres are fleetingHeres are limited Each Here is uniquePay attention ormiss it You cannot bring back a Hereeven in your memory becausethe new Hereremembering … More Here

Karma Dharma

My former Self left me a gift of the karma from previous actions I took some gifts delight me now if I notice others I’d rather just keep in the box If I’m heir to karma from my former Self does my current Self, through my actions today, bequeath new gifts to my future Self, … More Karma Dharma


Splash wonder on a rising joy to soar beyond the commonplace   Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Here Now

Where I am now is right where I want to be not clinging to the pleasure not running from the pain just being in the joy of being in the moment  Day Seven Photo of me standing in the grass is from my personal collection.  

Turning Point

You walk the well-worn path around the near-by lake, you know this trail by heart; it ends back where you started One day a reed or paw print, a little frog or snake entices you from the circular path entices you from the familiar You wander off in new directions open to exploration no telling … More Turning Point

Silent Night

“Isn’t it just beautiful?” she asked the peaceful angel with fiber optic wings as they gazed out the window Gazed in the direction of a waning gibbous moon in a cloudless sky, bright against cold darkness The angel offered no response remained in her still silence meditating on the present of this passing moment   … More Silent Night