Sunset Reflection

sunset reflection

It is on fire, the sky.
We see it as we walk from under the trees,
a flame surrounded by wisps of steel grey.

Sunset falls into the lake,
the reflection as vibrant as the sky above
with an added dimension
of gently rippling on the surface of water,
another place for the blaze to reside.

I look at my partner
musing on how we, too,
reflect each other’s vibrancy
taking turns as to who is the reflection
and who is the source of reflection.

When I gaze back at the sunset
it is already faded;
all is steel grey, ready for vespers
and the moon.


Image is an original photo taken by LuAnne Holder in southeast Michigan.

8 thoughts on “Sunset Reflection

  1. “…Sunset falls into the lake…” You had me at that line! very beautiful the way you compared your relationship to the sunset. The reflection of first one of you then the other. I always said Arn and I take turns being the flag and the flag pole.

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