Emotional Waters

Emotions, like water take many forms we may bottle our feelings or let them flow like a river They can suddenly come crashing against the rock of selfishness or ripple in widening circles when a pebble of understanding is invited into the smooth surface Our emotions can rush off a tall cliff splashing into deep … More Emotional Waters


Hand-washing Meditation

Splash cool water on fingers and wrists turn off the tap, lather up bubbles, bubbles enjoy the bubbles foamy between your knuckles Sing two rounds of Row Your Boat merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily rinse with splash of gratitude for access to clean water   See the companion piece on hands and the pandemic at Facing the … More Hand-washing Meditation


Water tumbles over stones as the silver creek flows – nature’s gurgling music Life tumbles over troubles as wavering times arise – growth’s raspy music   Photo taken at Lloyd Stage Nature Center, Troy, MI

Wellspring of Joy

The wellspring of joy runs deep inside where darkness obscures the water, but you can draw up this stillness to drink when you need to nourish your heart It may take time to lower the bucket, to reach the water deep in the well; a calm companion can aid your efforts to keep you from … More Wellspring of Joy

Sunset Reflection

It is on fire, the sky. We see it as we walk from under the trees, a flame surrounded by wisps of steel grey. Sunset falls into the lake, the reflection as vibrant as the sky above with an added dimension of gently rippling on the surface of water, another place for the blaze to … More Sunset Reflection

Fluid Movement

Waves and ripples, both water expressed in different ways. Angel Falls and Lake Titicaca are different expressions of water. A ripple is no better or worse than a wave; steep splashing falls are as wet as the calm on still lakes like clouds and rain and snow and dew they are all expressions of water. … More Fluid Movement

Meaning Beyond Words

Slathered sweetness is nonsense when bitter twang is Teacher Dogma stuffs grey matter with the Wonder Bread of wisdom But a sudden leap makes bubbles where dead fish never dream and dirt can slowly serve as host to ordinary triumphs