Street Corner Thoughts

street corner

I’m standing at a corner,
waiting to cross the street,
watching cars of all makes and shapes,
some coming toward me,
some going past,
some turning corners, some changing lanes.
I never consider stopping a driver
to discuss where she is going.

Yet, do I not do that with worried thoughts
letting them pile up like a traffic jam
in obsessive rumination?
When instead I can let fretful concerns
pass me by or change direction
then take advantage
of this quiet break in traffic
to move forward
into the future.


Photo by LuAnne Holder

6 thoughts on “Street Corner Thoughts

    1. Ir’s practice I guess. Like in meditation when you notice a thought you move back to your breath, the present. With practice one can start to do that outside of sitting in meditation. I think writing poetry about letting go of my worries (worrying isn’t going to help any way!) helps me remember to not obsess. So I keep practicing…

      Thanks for stopping by!

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