On the side porchby the holly bush,black ants traversedthe warm concrete They fascinated me,these little creatures busy withtheir close friends and family I was alone;the neighbor boyswere busy turning overrocks in the creek So, I sat by myselfwatching those antsknowing they weretotally unaware of my presence I was too large tofit into their scope I … More Scope

Poem Soup

Pour four cups of inspiration onto a large page Add a dash of ideas from other poems on the topic Warm over medium heat until fragrant Dice two to four cups of phrases mined from past journal entries Stir into the inspiration mix Sprinkle in spices of wordplay to taste Simmer an hour or more … More Poem Soup

Street Corner Thoughts

I’m standing at a corner, waiting to cross the street, watching cars of all makes and shapes, some coming toward me, some going past, some turning corners, some changing lanes. I never consider stopping a driver to discuss where she is going. Yet, do I not do that with worried thoughts letting them pile up … More Street Corner Thoughts

Sunset Reflection

It is on fire, the sky. We see it as we walk from under the trees, a flame surrounded by wisps of steel grey. Sunset falls into the lake, the reflection as vibrant as the sky above with an added dimension of gently rippling on the surface of water, another place for the blaze to … More Sunset Reflection

What If?

What if a culture promoted respect for all people where there were no “others” only sisters and brothers? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted a kindness where the norm was to pause before speaking one’s mind and listen to differing views? Imagine that. What if a culture promoted peace with active intent to move … More What If?


Can I be at ease with not knowing? Can I be unchained from attachment to proof? Can I wipe away worry when outcomes aren’t clear? Can I be at rest knowing some things will never be known?   This post was inspired by a poem called Good Days by Mary O’Connor. Read another post on this topic: Addition Problem. … More Questions?

Insidious Busyness

“How are you doing?” I asked of a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. “Oh, busy, busy. Always busy.” She asked me the same and my answer was similar, listing the things I’d been doing, good things – art class, writing, caring for a sick friend. As I listed my activities, though I had … More Insidious Busyness


Among one hundred billion galaxies where I am so minuscule, just one tiny soul in the oceans of many does my life have meaning? Do I ask what has no answer? Am I pompous to make such a query? If I subdue the haughty ego does the question go away? Would having an answer serve … More Enigma

Unexpected Visitors

Three flying saucers hovered in front of the big pine outside the porch. “Come see,” he called. “Stand here.” I did and in embrace, both of us looking outward, three disks of light quivered beyond the glass door, shifting a bit as we turned our heads, fluttering with each shiver of wind. It mattered not to us … More Unexpected Visitors