Cup of Silence


With dishes full of chatter
And tables full of sighs
With stemware full of whining
I sip my cup of silence

News springs from the paper towels
A pitcher spouts the weather
Flatware laughs at dirty jokes
As I sip my cup of silence

Talk informs and teaches
Laughter brings us glee
Music fills the soul with hope
While silence rests between.


I stumbled upon this poem while cleaning my office yesterday. I wrote it several years ago in response to a prompt at a writers group. We made a list of concrete nouns and a list of abstract nouns and then randomly used one from each list to come up with a phrase. My phrase was cup of silence. I find it interesting to see how much my poetry has changed over the years, but the same topics seem to inspire me. What enduring topics inspire you?


Image by Pixabay



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