Winter Morning

filtered water fills the cup going up an octave as it reaches the brim coffee maker sputters syncopation to the wind chime song beside the window peppers sizzle in a pan avocado slices frame the plate whipped egg with spices waits for its turn in the skillet snow has fallen during the night porch needs … More Winter Morning

Meditation Variation

Sometimes I fill my coffee mug too full to carry upstairs where I sip as I read dharma So, I stand by the kitchen window hugging the warmth in both hands engaged in coffee-sipping, outdoor-gazing, finger-warming meditation   Photo by Nathan Dumlao courtesy of Unsplash

Cup of Silence

With dishes full of chatter And tables full of sighs With stemware full of whining I sip my cup of silence News springs from the paper towels A pitcher spouts the weather Flatware laughs at dirty jokes As I sip my cup of silence Talk informs and teaches Laughter brings us glee Music fills the … More Cup of Silence

Collective Awakening

Holding the steaming cup in both hands, I walk in mindful meditation to the table, careful not to spill a single dark drop on the cream carpet.  I share my first sip of java with millions of my neighbors across barriers of geography, culture, and time as in unison we welcome a new day. Some … More Collective Awakening