Koan of My Life


Seeking freedom from duality –
right or wrong,
abundance or lack,
blossoms or weeds,
embrace or farewell

I contemplate non-thinking

Somewhere in my spirit
I feel I understand
this paradox
beyond language
beyond thought

Existing within calm confusion


May confusion dawn as wisdom. (paraphrased from the Four Dharmas of Gampopa)


Image by Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Koan of My Life

      1. Interesting that you refer to the confusion as she… Any reason? I always find it intriguing that so many things get referred to as she. Ships, storms (until relatively recently when we had to start being politically correct, lol), cars, furniture. And the Hebrews referred to Wisdom as a woman. Her name is Sophia. I wonder why that is…


  1. I guess confusion has been such a part of my female life, I think of her as “she”. I guess I just think in female terms. Male confusion could be so much different I suppose. I will gravitate to Sophia (doesn’t that name have something to do with trees?) and hope that the chaos in my life will ultimately lead me to wisdom. I am getting old. I don’t have much time left to be wise.


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