My Republican Father

Were his nightmares made
reliving the flights          coy
he had navigated
to bomb sites?

His strong belief
that it had to stop,
the gassing of Jews and Gypsies,
did not soothe the years
of night screams
in our safe suburban house.

He would scream today
while awake, I am sure
to see imagined threats
being rounded up as scapegoats again
to feed one man’s ego

My father, the staunch Republican,
would never support a man who breeds hate,
who intimidates to build power
He’d known the atrocities such a man birthed,
and the ripple effect of such malice


Photo was taken of my father, Coy Smith, in 1946. He survived WWII having served as a navigator on a fighter plane in the American Army Air Force. He was stationed in England during the war and flew multiple missions over Germany.



21 thoughts on “My Republican Father

  1. My Democrat father, who was part of the Normandy Invasion, would be in total agreement with your Republican father about the terrible dangers charismatic breeders of hate present to humanity, Thank you for a powerfully moving poem.

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    1. It seems an aversion to breeders of hate would have been bipartisan in the past generation. I wonder what happened to our generation? Thank you so much for your kind words, Joan. I was afraid when I posted that I might get “hate comments” but have only been blessed with kindness. Let’s hope this connected kindness is contagious.


  2. It’s interesting that you mentioned gypsies. I didn’t realize until I was researching stuff for Glencara’s Bane how despised they were. It was a shock to me. I loved that they used to call themselves The Travelers… This is just a beautiful, heart-breaking tribute to your dad…

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    1. Thank you, Lady C. Yes, the Nazi party targeted not only Jews and Gypsies but the handicapped as well. Trump seems to target similar populations. Thus my concern. Let us breathe through this election with hope.

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      1. Ken Follett’s 2nd book in his Century Trilogy, “Winter of the World”, talks a lot about the Nazi’s going into the mental hospitals and sanitariums and killing people who were handicapped and sick. I have such an interest in WWII.


      2. Lady C, I recently read a novel set during WWII, All the Light We Cannot See. “From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II.” I thought it was so well written. I would recommend it if you haven’t already read it.

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