Silent Music Haiku


Silent Zen music

surrounds Uncertainty’s noise

with quiet comfort

During the noise of this US election I am grateful to have had the chance to get away and see one of the many beautiful northern coasts of Michigan. I wrote this haiku before I left and never had the chance to post with all the traveling. When I transferred the photos from my phone I found the perfect “mistake” photo that seemed to represent Uncertainty’s noise. So I thought I would surround that photo with two quiet ones. All three photos are originals taken of Lake Michigan sunrises from Glen Arbor, MI.



I am grateful for this time to find my center again, meditating outside in the cool autumn air with the constantly random rhythms of the waves lapping against the shore.




16 thoughts on “Silent Music Haiku

    1. Thanks, Lady C. I liked it too. I think I accidentally hit the button while I was still moving the camera up to take a photo. Or maybe when I had finished taking a photo and was putting the camera away. Either way the camera was in motion and yes, it was a bit of time travel I suppose. 🙂

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