Playing to Win

He put on some music while she shuffled. When he drew a card to see who would go first, she was beginning to grove to Dylan. He drew high card, so she dealt and set up the four cards he’d use for his first move. “I cheated,” he muttered. She looked up from her hand, … More Playing to Win


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‘Twas feckish, and the irkly grobes Did fark and fistle in the slade; All dingly were the rectiprobes And the dampnuts updrade. “Beware the Trumplewock, my friend! The bigly mouth, those puny mitts! Beware the Tweet bird, and off-fend The cronious Perkletits!” She packed her poisal voice and went: Fat chance…

Spiritual Maintenance

When my day feels a little off-kilter That’s the time to practice quiet Empty all mind chatter Turn off the news Focus on the silence   When executive orders are not vetted When helplessness floods my fears My practice of meditation Is critical for my heart To discern fruitful paths forward   Let my practice … More Spiritual Maintenance