Autumn Swan Song (tanka)


Leaves spiral downward
in joyful pirouetting
to their swan song dance

They freckle my lawn in hues
that nourish autumn’s cycle


Image is an original photo taken this morning of my back yard.

17 thoughts on “Autumn Swan Song (tanka)

  1. Beautiful Tanka LuAnne. Our Autumn has been much longer this year as well. Gorgeous day today, walking outside, the leaves on the ground and then many more still on the trees, green which is not seen usually for us at this time of year. Your photo is gorgeous.

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      1. I don’t know,Lady C. I am so sad. Don’t remember being this sad since my dad died in 1981. I could so use a hug from him right now. Tears pour out of my pores. I need to get on solid ground somewhere.

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