Ode to an Avocado

Avocado, amazing fruit
how I love your ample heart,
your creamy pale green flesh

Avocado, amazing tree
blooms female by morning, male by dusk
romance me with your nourishment

This post was inspired by an article in Marginalian titled “Chance, Choice, and the Avocado: The Strange Evolutionary and Creative History of Earth’s Most Nutritious Fruit”.

Illustration is titled Avocado by Étienne Denisse from the 19th-century French encyclopedia Flore d’Amérique.


12 thoughts on “Ode to an Avocado

  1. Thanks, Heather. Hass avocados bloom that way, but some strains do just the opposite. The article that inspired the ode linked above is quite interesting. I encourage you to check it out.


  2. My poetic insight into the Hass avocado deeped as I read your informed ode to it, LuAnne. Now I view the ambisexual and biologically nourishing and sensually tempting of all the fruits in the vegetable kingdom, as analogous to the androgenous human estate planted, as it were, in the Book of Genesis. Not to say the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is a Hass apple, but there is the seed of an idea for a lune. If not a patent application. :).

    Lune on an ode to the avocado

    Eden pear
    Deep purple apple
    Saints beware

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful reference to the Tree of Knowledge and for introducing me to the word “lune”. So apropos. I absolutely love your poem response. I do believe that your poetic responses to my poems inspire me so. I enjoy your comments. Please visit often!

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      1. Your gracious welcome of my micro haiku to Wind Rush, LuAnne, makes me feel grokked. A rare experience, for which I am, well, you know. 🙂 Though “lune” may not be the right description for haiku, as that word is said to derive from the crescent moon shape suggested by the 3/5/3-syllable form of the Kelly lune or “American haiku.” In my view, though, haiku form suggests a tiny locket that opens into three panels which display a picture and a poem. This one pictures a muse in akimbo pose, with the words: Hip Holder | A cryptic portrait / Sum triptych 🙂

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