Tapestry of Life


If you view your tapestry from afar,
behold the connected stories
unfolding over time –
write your memoir

If you prefer to move in closer,
see vignettes of life events
as separate parts of a whole –
write short stories

If you tend to come in very close,
investigate the knotted threads
that weave the work together –
write poetry

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

8 thoughts on “Tapestry of Life

  1. What a cool poem. I once set out to write the memoir … but ended up with a book of life-based poems. I love your take on poems as knotted threads weaving pieces together. There’s freedom to leave a few gaps here and there … in places I’ve completely forgotten over the years!!

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    1. I love your idea of a book of life-based poems. I’d read it! I read a book about a year ago called “Poetry Saved My Life” and it was a memoir put together with poems that affected her during each period of her life. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your kind comment.

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