Channeling Phil Connors on Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Again

Every day the same, yet
every day is different
no guaranteed success
no guarantee of failure
just a day with endless possibilities

so, write if you’re a writer
paint if you’re a painter
play if you love music
cook if that’s your art

snap a shot if that’s your thing
tend a garden, tidy up
sew or dance or ice sculpt
practice being kind

do creative work each day
there is no starting point
there is no destination
joy is in the journey


Every year on February 2, at my house we celebrate this American holiday by watching Groundhog Day – again! Recently I reread an article by Austin Kleon called, Want to be an artist? Watch Groundhog Day, that discusses how the main character of the movie, Phil Connors, discovers a key to practicing the art of life. This post was inspired by Austin Kleon’s article – and the movie.

Visit a previous Groundhog Day post on Wind Rush from 2017, 2-2 Haiku, Again.



13 thoughts on “Channeling Phil Connors on Groundhog Day

    1. This year when I watched it, I was struck for the first time by how ‘politically incorrect’ some of the dialog was. It is over a quarter of a century old now! Love the theme, though, of making every day count. Thanks for dropping by.

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